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What is C++

Describe about private access specifier?

what is memory leaking in c++ ?

What do you meant by static and dynamic modeling?

What is prototype in c++ and c?

what are the differences between member function and constructor?

What are the things contains in .obj file ? ( compiled result of .cpp file )

why c++ is called as object-oriented language? Here what does object mean?

Why generalization is very strong?

Write a short code using C++ to print out all odd number from 1 to 100 using a for loop

What is the difference between class and structure?

How do you specify a custom attribute for the entire assembly (rather than for a class)?

What is the difference between an object and a class?

What is the difference between Object and Instance?

Difference between "C structure" and "C++ structure".

What is encapsulation?

In c++ have a default constructor ?

What is the return value for getch()?

What is Difference between c and c++?

what are the differences between c and c++? If possible give more points.what are the disadvantages of C++?

What are inner class and anonymous class?

what are the differences between c and c++.what are the advantages the are only in c++ but not in c

What is the word you will use when defining a function in base class to allow this function to be a polimorphic function?

Why can't one make an object of abstract class?Give compiler view of statement

What is the definition of abstract class and virtual function?

Explain about protected internal access specifier?

what is the difference between c&c++?

What is the difference between structures and classes in C++?

Define access specifier with reference to class?

Program to multiply 2 numbers without using * operator?

What is class?What is object?Describe these 2 with example.

What are the different types of Storage classes?

What are the major differences between C, C++, JAVA?

What is an enumerator?

I am a new computer engineering student can you please explain what is c++ and its uses please answer me this question as faster as you can?

Can constructors & destructor be virtual ?

What is Boyce Codd Normal form?

What is the difference between an object and a class?

What is abstraction?

What is the Basic nature of "cin" and "cout" and what concept or principle we are using on those two?

write function push () of stack that it doubles the length of the array when the array is full

Different types of languages compare in c++ and other languagesOops concepts in other language oops

From a versioning perspective, what are the drawbacks of extending an interface as opposed to extending a class?

How do you access the static member of a class?

write aprogram in c++ to read the tokens in one at a time ,if it isinteger,push it on stack, if it is binary operator, pop two elementsfrom the stack, apply the operator to the two elements and push the result back on the stack??

Explain about member functions?

The class which acts as interface between the C++ and the Java layer?

What is an object?

What are the advantages of OOPL?

How is method overriding different from overloading?

What is a class?

What are the defining traits of an object-oriented language?

Define a class named cord, a point in Cartesian coordinate system where each point has two int type values x and y. Your class must contain necessary constructors and arithmetic operator functions. Write necessary codes to test your class?

What is a local class?

Name some pure object oriented languages?

What is the difference between Mutex and Binary semaphore?

Define a constructor - What it is and how it might be called (2 methods).

How do you traverse a Btree in Backward in-order?

What is a conversion constructor C++?

Explain the scope resolution operator.

What is an adaptor class or Wrapper class in C++?

STL Containers - What are the types of STL containers?

RTTI - What is RTTI in C++?

What does extern mean in a function declaration in C++?

What is a default constructor?

I was trying to use an out int parameter in one of my functions. How should I declare the variable that I am passing to it?

Which type of questions are asked in interviews?

Explain term POLIMORPHISM and give an example using eg. SHAPE object: If I have a base class SHAPE, how would I define DRAW methods for two objects CIRCLE and SQUARE

What do you mean by Stack unwinding in C++?

Will this C++ program execute or not?

How do you decide which integer type to use?

Describe run-time type identification.

In C++, what is the difference between method overloading and method overriding?

Suppose that data is an array of 1000 integers. Write a single function call that will sort the 100 elements data [222] through data [321].

What is the difference between an object and a class?

Define parameter by value?

What is encapsulation in C++?

How do you link a C++ program to C functions?

What is meant by software development method?

What are the advantages of inheritance in C++?

What is an explicit constructor?

Are there any new intrinsic (built-in) data types?

When does a name clash occur in C++?

What methods can be overridden in Java?

When is a template a better solution than a base class?

You have two pairs: new() and delete() and another pair : alloc() and free(). Explain differences between eg. new() and malloc()

Write a function that swaps the values of two integers, using int* as the argument type.

Write a program that ask for user input from 5 to 9 then calculate the average

Assignment Operator - What is the diffrence between a "assignment operator" and a "copy constructor"?

What is an orthogonal base class in C++?

Can you be bale to identify between Straight- through and Cross- over cable wiring? and in what case do you use Straight- through and Cross-over?

What is public, protected, private in C++?

What is abstraction in C++?

What is the Standard Template Library (STL)?

What problem does the namespace feature solve?

What is class invariant in C++?

How many ways are there to initialize an int with a constant?

What is friend function in C++?

What is virtual constructors/destructors?

Define precondition and post-condition to a member function in C++?