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“MVC frequently Asked Questions in various Model View Controller (MVC) job Interviews by interviewer. Get preparation of MVC job interview”

48 MVC Questions And Answers

7⟩ What is Model View Controller (MVC)?

Model–View–Controller (MVC) is a design pattern in which "the user input, the modeling of the external world, and the visual feedback to the user are explicitly separated and handled by three types of object." The model consists of data and business rules, and the controller mediates the communication between the model and the user. A view can be any visual element such as a printout or a web page. Multiple views of the same data are possible, such as a pie chart for management and a spreadsheet for accountants.


12⟩ What are the advantages of ASP.NET MVC?

1. Extensive support for TDD. With MVC, views can also be very easily unit tested.

2. Complex applications can be easily managed

3. Seperation of concerns. Different aspects of the application can be divided into Model, View and Controller.

4. ASP.NET MVC views are light weight, as they donot use viewstate.


15⟩ What are sections?

Layout pages, can define sections, which can then be overriden by specific views making use of the layout. Defining and overriding sections is optional.


16⟩ What does Model, View and Controller represent in an MVC application?

Model: Model represents the application data domain. In short the applications business logic is contained with in the model.

View: Views represent the user interface, with which the end users interact. In short the all the user interface logic is contained with in the UI.

Controller: Controller is the component that responds to user actions. Based on the user actions, the respective controller, work with the model, and selects a view to render that displays the user interface. The user input logic is contained with in the controller.