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“Virtual Reality Frequently Asked Questions in various Virtual Reality job interviews by interviewer. The set of questions are here to ensures that you offer a perfect answer posed to you. So get preparation for your new job interview”

29 Virtual Reality Questions And Answers

1⟩ Explain me when do the large game makers, like Electronic Arts, Activision, and Ubisoft start jumping into VR?

A lot of them are investing in VR right now. I can't say anything specifically, but there are multibillion-dollar game development studios doing serious work in VR. But they're not the people who are here showing off demos in the hallway. They're the ones working internally to make sure it's something that's polished and that they can show and not get criticized for it because they're under a lot more scrutiny...

Games take years to make, and it's important that when we launch, it can't just be a great launch catalog and then a desert for a really long time. To be honest, for a lot of developers, they'd rather not be competing at launch with all this other software.


2⟩ Tell me will immersion in virtual worlds eventually demand a connection between the human brain and computers?

If, like me, you see people as sacred centers of experience that should be surrounded by a kind of moat of respect, you might find it a little creepy to find yourself in a world in which software can be connected directly to the brain. This could create extraordinary artifacts of power where some people might control a transpersonal phenomenon, while others would have no power at all. So I think it’s worth being conservative about the core of personhood.


3⟩ Explain me what is virtual reality and how does it affect today’s technology?

Virtual reality is not a new medium. It’s been around for decades. what’s new are the viewing devices, in which you’re able to view it. For decades, I had been writing, trying to marry words with pictures. With VR it’s spherical video and the story is a stream that never ends. With VR you have the ability to take them inside the picture you tried to create through writing. With VR for example, our nation’s veterans are able to take virtual tours of places like Washington DC to see its monuments. We’re also using VR technology to take people inside homeless camps for veterans, so that people can really see how our nation’s homeless veterans are living


6⟩ Explain me are you in the research labs?

We have an Oculus research lab in Seattle that we've talked about, and that's really more pure research, like long-term. I work more on the near-term productization team. And it's in terms of there is R&D, but it's not years out, it's in the near-term like getting the next product out the door and making it as good as possible-type of R&D.


7⟩ Tell me what are primitives in VRML?

Primitives are basic geometric shapes that are built into the language. The shapes available are: Sphere, Box, Cylinder and Cone. You should abuse these nodes because they are defined in a small number of lines, keeping the size of your document at a minimum.


8⟩ Tell me what are scene graphs in VRML?

Scene graphs are a hierarchical representation of all the objects, visual and/or audio, that composes your virtual world. The representation is made through node statements that have fields and values to be determined, similar to HTML tags and their parameters.


9⟩ Explain me what is VRML?

VRML stands for Virtual Reality Modeling Language. It is an ISO/IEC language developed by a combined effort of a group of companies and 3D designers and programmers for describing 3D scenes on the Web (fortunately from the beginning the effort converged to make it standard, no such luck with HTML until W3C was created). The documents have *.WRL extensions that can be viewed by a browser with an appropriate plugin or helper-application.


10⟩ Tell me what do you think people still don't understand about VR?

I don't think they understand why it's relevant to them yet. A lot of people, even if they know what VR is, see it as this tool to go in your basement and play Halo. I was about to correct myself and say another game, but that's what a grandmother would say: "Oh, you're going to plug it into your Nintendo and play Halo."

But that type of perception is going to change as virtual reality becomes more mainstream and they get to see things like VR cinema or 3D-360 degree panoramas or communicate with people over long distances. They're going to see this is relevant to them in their daily lives as a not-pimply-faced-teenage-kid.


11⟩ Tell me could advances in this area trigger a significant reduction in transportation use?

If you look at humanity’s carbon footprint, about 20 % of it is accounted for by transportation. So, hypothetically, we should be able to implement communication technologies that reduce the need for at least some of that movement. Yet that has obviously not happened as a result of the existence of telephony or email, or websites, or based on the current technology level of video-conferencing. So the question we have to ask is, could it happen if there were a more satisfying level of communication? I believe the answer is yes. So reducing our global carbon footprint could come down to how good an algorithm is at sensing the corner of somebody’s eye. Speaking very roughly, I think that top-quality services along these lines could probably reduce humanity’s global carbon footprint by a tenth in ten to fifteen years.


12⟩ Tell me do I need a VR headset in order to watch the videos?

In order to experience virtual reality, you’ll need a VR headset such as a Google Cardboard, the HTC Vive, or the Oculus Rift. You can purchase a Google Cardboard from several recommended vendors. See Google Cardboard’s website for more information.


14⟩ Please explain, wouldn’t whole-body haptics be the ultimate in VR sensing?

This is a fascinating modality because it’s the one with the highest bandwidth. It would open access to cognitive powers that seem to be innate, such as the ability of the hands to find harmonically correct paths between chords on a piano without the need for conscious thought. Whole body haptics would allow us to enter, explore and virtually experience structures that we cannot even see.


15⟩ Tell me when did you decide that mobile VR was important?

We've known it would be important for a long time. Even since the beginning of the company, people said "what's the long-term vision of how these headsets are going to work?" And it's very clear--in the future, it's all going to be headsets with onboard computing power... We knew mobile would be an important component, we just didn't know it would be so soon.


16⟩ Tell me how might the virtual world change the world of work?

That’s complex because there are so many different kinds of work. But my vision is that the virtual world will become the place in which each individual can achieve a form of success that suits his or her character. That’s what a successful future for mankind looks like. Over the last couple of centuries, every time a technology has gotten better, it has put some people out of work. But it has also created new jobs. And the new jobs are usually more dignified and pleasant than those they replaced. Looking ahead, therefore, the question of human dignity is the only question that matters. It is the only purpose of developing technologies.


17⟩ Explain me how do we get started with VRML?

You can use any text editor to write your VRML code, there are also a great number of programs available in the Web for different platforms, some for free and others pretty expensive. For viewing your work, as I said before, you'll need a browser with a plugin, there's quite a variety that you can choose from for different platforms. If you have some programming knowledge learning VRML will be piece of cake, if not it still pretty easy.