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“System Auditor Frequently Asked Questions in various System Auditor job interviews by interviewer. The set of questions are here to ensures that you offer a perfect answer posed to you. So get preparation for your new job interview”

54 System Auditor Questions And Answers

1⟩ Tell me what are you biggest weaknesses?

You can say, ‘I’ve never done the monthly close, SEC reporting or Sarbanes-Oxley on my own, but I’ve supported that,’”. All accountants and financial analysts should know their skills and shortcomings – understand your strengths and what gaps you may have, what you can or cannot do.


3⟩ Explain me are open-source projects more or less secure than proprietary ones?

The answer to this question is often very telling about a given candidate. It shows

1) whether or not they know what they’re talking about in terms of development, and

2) it really illustrates the maturity of the individual (a common theme among my questions).

My main goal here is to get them to show me pros and cons for each. If I just get the “many eyes” regurgitation then I’ll know he’s read Slashdot and not much else. And if I just get the “people in China can put anything in the kernel” routine then I’ll know he’s not so good at looking at the complete picture.

The ideal answer involves the size of the project, how many developers are working on it (and what their backgrounds are), and most importantly — quality control. In short, there’s no way to tell the quality of a project simply by knowing that it’s either open-source or proprietary. There are many examples of horribly insecure applications that came from both camps.


5⟩ Tell me do you have knowledge of accounting standards?

First, answer whether you have knowledge of accounting standards such as Generally Accepted Accounting Principles – GAAP – and Sarbanes-Oxley,”. “Then explain the depth of your knowledge, how it applies to the role and how you stay up-to-date.


6⟩ Tell me do you have experience doing/handling X, Y and Z?

There is nothing that you can’t do,”. “When asked about walking through your resume, recite accomplishments that tie into the job description.

“Make notes at the top of your page or notebook as to your strengths [that are relevant] for the position,”. “You’re better off to say ‘My experience is limited in XYZ but I do know ABC.’ Don’t give them a reason not to hire you.

If you’re truly interested in a role, your enthusiasm can make up for a few skills gaps. Say you don’t hit 10 out of 10 prerequisite skills or types of experience, but maybe you hit eight out of 10, which is often good enough.

On the other two, find a way to highlight elements of your background that related tangentially to overcome the missing bullet points


7⟩ Tell us what have you done to enhance your knowledge recently?

I attended a conference last month where I learned some incredibly useful information related to handling auto insurance claims. However, I view every case that comes across my desk as a learning opportunity. Every case is different and requires a little something different than the last one. For example, I learned early on how important eyewitness testimony can be when it comes to determining a claim for an automotive accident.


8⟩ What is ISACA?

ISACA is the international body that certifies information system auditors, security managers and other related roles.


9⟩ Tell me have you been able to detect insurance fraud in the past?

It has only come up a couple times in my experience, but there have been instances where I discovered fraud in a claim. Once, someone filed an insurance claim because their car had been stolen. After working with law enforcement, we discovered the vehicle was only a few miles away. Apparently, the car owner was just trying to get some quick cash and thought this was the easiest way to get it. Criminal charges were ultimately placed against them.


10⟩ Explain me what exactly is Cross Site Scripting?

You’d be amazed at how many security people don’t know even the basics of this immensely important topic. We’re looking for them to say anything regarding an attacker getting a victim to run script content (usually JavaScript) within their browser.


12⟩ Tell me how does HTTP handle state?

It doesn’t, of course. Not natively. Good answers are things like “cookies”, but the best answer is that cookies are a hack to make up for the fact that HTTP doesn’t do it itself.


13⟩ Explain me what kind of network do you have at home?

Good answers here are anything that shows you he’s a computer/technology/security enthusiast and not just someone looking for a paycheck. So if he’s got multiple systems running multiple operating systems you’re probably in good shape. What you don’t want to hear is, “I get enough computers when I’m at work…” I’ve yet to meet a serious security guy who doesn’t have a considerable home network–or at least access to one, even if it’s not at home.


14⟩ Explain me how do you change your DNS settings in Linux/Windows?

Here you’re looking for a quick comeback for any position that will involve system administration (see system security). If they don’t know how to change their DNS server in the two most popular operating systems in the world, then you’re likely working with someone very junior or otherwise highly abstracted from the real world.


15⟩ Tell us what are your long-term career goals?

I am interested in finding a position where I can refine my accounting skills in my work with government agencies and non-profits. I feel there is a particular benefit to society in my work as a government auditor, and I would like to continue making that contribution.


17⟩ Explain a time when you helped reduce costs?

The answer to this question will tell whether you strictly stick to your accounting job duties, or whether you have gone above and beyond by identifying solutions for the greater good of the company


18⟩ Explain the essence in accounting, and a small mistake can be costly. How do you ensure that details are accurate?

Every accountant needs to be detail-oriented, but what else is needed is the discipline to check again. I always double check to ensure everything is in order. In addition, having technical savvy helps, and I stay current with the newest software and apps that makes tracking details and finding irregularities easier.


20⟩ Tell me what methods have you used for estimating bad debt?

This question can open a conversation about the ways you’ve approached this routine process with previous employers.

Your answer can reveal the level of understanding of the methods most commonly used and could open a dialogue about how the company you are interviewing with handles this