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“Learn the basics of the computer by Computer Basics Interview Questions and Answers Guide. These Computer basics interview questions and answers will build your basic computer concepts and will help to get preparation of any job interview. Because every interview cannot be successful with out the basics of the Computer so Computer Basics Interview Questions and Answers is the need for all the job seekers.”

25 Computer Basics Questions And Answers

1⟩ What is the "correct" way to remove a program from our computer?

The best way is to go to Control Panel/Add remove programs. Find the program you wish to remove, click on it and follow the on screen directions. If the program is not there you can check to see if there is an uninstall option when you go to the Program itself or in the start menu options for that program. As a last resort, you can move the program folder to the recycle bin but this will not totally remove it and may cause problems. Leave it on the computer if space allows.


2⟩ How can we get Detailed System Information about our computer?

Sometimes, despite all efforts, it seems impossible to find a particular piece of information about your computer. This is especially frustrating when you're attempting to resolve a problem, and a support technician asks you to provide a simple piece of data. Wouldn't life be a little easier if information about your operating system, hardware resources and components, and software settings was all in one place? Microsoft System Information, which is included with almost all Windows systems, may be just what you need. To check out Microsoft System Information:

1. Go to Start > Run

2. Type "msinfo32" into the Open field

3. Click "OK"

Note: If "msinfo32" doesn't work, try "msinfo".


3⟩ What does OEM mean?

It means Original Equipment Manufacturer. OEM means in the automotive industry, this refers to a manufacturer of vehicles that provides the original product design and materials for its assembly and manufacture.


4⟩ How do we change the number of mouse clicks to open items?

To change the number of mouse clicks required to open items

1. Open Folder Options in Control Panel.

a.. Click Start, and then click Control Panel.

b.. Double-click Folder Options.

2. On the General tab, under Click items as follows, click the option you want.


5⟩ What is the difference between an Intel Celeron and Pentium processor?

The reason for the Celerons existence owes to the advent of an AMD processor called the K6. AMD brought out a low priced alternative to the Pentium, and Intel, instead of drastically reducing their pricing on their "meat and potatoes" processor to meet that of the lower priced K6 (and eventually, the Athlon), introduced a "crippled" version of the Pentium, and called it the Celeron. (In response, AMD came back with an even lower priced processor of appalling performance called Duron, but that is another story)

Processors are commonly classified by their "Core" speed -- ergo, a 933 MHz Pentium III processor has a core speed of 933 MHz. There are however other significant features that are "classifiable" within a processor -- namely "bus" or "memory access" speed, and onboard "Cache" size (and speed). The Bus speed is the speed at which the processor fetches data from memory, and places it in the onboard Cache, and also represents the speed at which it communicates with its peripheral chipset. While each processor model operates at its own "native" Core speed, the bus speeds vary according to the motherboard (peripheral) Chipsets and memory with which they are designed to work. Likewise the cache size will vary from implementation to implementation. This distinction will become significant in as we move on.


6⟩ How do I set the time for how long my screen saver stays on to forever?

Here's what to do:

1) Go into Control Panel and click on the Display icon.

2) In Display Properties, click on the Screen saver tab.

3) In the Screen saver tab, click the Power button in the lower right-hand corner.

4) Set "Turn off monitor", "System standby" and "System hibernates" to Never.

5) Click Ok twice to complete the process.

Your screen saver should now run indefinitely.


8⟩ How can we find out basic information about our computer?

We can get the basic information about our computer by following below steps.

► Right Click at my computer icon.

► Click Properties.

► General tab will show the processor and ram information

► And Hardware Tab >> Device Manger will show the entire hardware resources attached with you computer


9⟩ How can I add or change the choices available in the Send To box?

Click *Start*, Click *Run*

In the text box, enter *SendTo* (without the quotes and no space between the words).

Click OK.....the *Send To* window will open, In the *Send To* window,

Click *File*, Click *New*, Click *Shortcut*,

Click *Browse* to find folder you want to add to the *Send To* list

Click it and then click *OK*, Click *Next*, Click "Finish*


10⟩ What is the difference between Save and Save As?

Use SAVE when you are revising an existing document.

Use SAVE AS when you are creating a new document from scratch or an existing document. This will keep the original document untouched in its original format and create a new document with a new name.


11⟩ What is the difference between the "system tray" and the "quick launch tray"?

The system tray is that portion of the task bar (usually on the bottom of the screen-but you can drag it to either side or to the top!) that is on the right hand side displaying the clock and some of those programs that are running in the background. The portion on the left is the 'quick launch tray' because you can drag icons/shortcuts there and with a single click you can start or 'launch' the program.


13⟩ How can we get rid of the noises when our modem makes a connection to the internet?

1. First choose Start, Settings, and then Control Panel to open the Control Panel.

2. Choose Modems.

3. Select the entry for your modem, and choose the Properties button to open the Modem Properties dialog box.

4. Choose the Connection tab, and then the Advanced tab button to open the Advanced Connection Settings dialog box.

5. The Extra Settings text box in the dialog box may already have some text in it. This text is actually a set of commands for the modem. Modem commands vary from one modem to the next, but most use the command MO - that's a zero, not a capital 0 - to tell the modem to keep the speaker off at all times. First make sure that the text box does not already have a command beginning with M. (And note that &MO, /MO, and MO are three different commands.) If there is an M command already, replace it with an MO command. If there is not an existing M command, simply type MO in the text box. (It's okay to add it at the end of other commands that are already there.) Choose OK, and Windows will send the command to the modem every time it dials a connection. If this does not work, you'll need to check your modem manual to see if the modem has an oddball command for controlling the speaker.


14⟩ How can we easily send a part of a received e-mail to someone else?

High-lite the part you want to send, Right click on it and select copy. Open new message, right click on page, and select paste, and the message should be there ready to go. Or you can select forward, and then high-lite the part that you don't want to go with the message, and press your delete key.


15⟩ If our mouse is erratic. How can we fix it?

There are a couple of things to recommend:

1. Try replacing the batteries in the mouse if it is wireless.

2. Try removing the mouse ball and cleaning the rollers inside the mouse with a Q-tip. Often that residue is quite sticky. They sell kits with a "velcro" ball you clean the rollers with by putting it in place of the regular ball.

3. If that doesn't fix the problem, buy a new mouse. Optical mice don't have balls.

4. If that doesn't resolve it, you may need to hire a technicians to trouble shoot the problem.


16⟩ How do we remove the ">" marks for an email before we send it?

Copy and paste just the text of the email into a page of WordPad, or a favorite word processor. The >>> that represent the number of times it has been forwarded can be removed from the text like this: With your text Pasted into WordPad, click Edit, then Replace. In the space provided type one > or what ever you may want to remove. Then click Replace All. Now you can again copy the text without the >> and paste it into a blank email page.


19⟩ What steps should I take to replace the bios battery?

It is better if you go to the BIOS first and copy the settings and have them before you try to replace the battery, in case your system does not

use the default settings. Once this is done then you can safely replace the battery and if necessary duplicate the BIOS settings you had before.