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“Positive Mental Attitude Interview Questions and Answers will guide us now that Positive mental attitude, is a psychological term which describes a mental phenomenon in which the central idea is that one can increase achievement through optimistic thought processes. PMA implies that one has a vision of good natured change in ones mind, learn more about Positive Mental Attitude with the help of this Positive Mental Attitude Interview Questions with Answers guide”

17 Mental Attitude Questions And Answers

4⟩ Define Extremeness attitude?

The extremeness of an attitude indicates how positive or negative an attitude is. A rating of 1 or 5 indicates extreme attitudes.


5⟩ Define Valence properties?

Valence of an attitude tells us whether an attitude is positive or negative towards the attitude object. For example, an attitude towards a nuclear research is expressed on a 5-point scale ranging from 1 (Very Bad), 2 (Bad), 3 (Neutral), 4 (Good) and 5 (Very Good). A rating of 4 or 5 indicates a positive attitude towards nuclear research while a rating of 1 or 2 indicates a negative attitude and a rating of 3 indicates a neutral attitude.


9⟩ Define Reference Groups attitude?

Attitudes towards various topics such as political, religious and social groups, occupations, national and other issues are developed through reference groups. This is learning by reward and punishment.


11⟩ Define personal experiences attitude?

Personal experience can bring a drastic change in our attitude. Here is a real-life example. A driver in the army went through a personal experience that transformed his life. On one mission, he narrowly escaped death although all his companions got killed. He gave up his job in the army and worked actively as a community leader. Through a purely personal experience the individual evolved a strong positive attitude towards community enlistment.


12⟩ Define Centrality attitude?

A central attitude would influence the other attitudes in an attitude system. For example, in an attitude towards world peace, a negative attitude towards high military expenditure is present as the central attitude and influences all other attitudes in the multiple attitude system.


16⟩ Define Simplicity or Complexity attitude?

An attitude system is said to be 'simple' if it contains one or a few attitudes and complex if it is made of many attitudes. For example, an attitude towards a person is a simple attitude while an attitude towards health and well-being is a complex attitude consisting of attitude towards physical and mental health, views about happiness and well-being etc.