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25 Most Exciting Jobs Questions And Answers

1⟩ What is bomb squad technician?

It is not really a surprise that disarming incendiary devices cobbled together with the intention of causing destruction can sometime blow up in your face, literally. Use of remote-controlled robots can sometimes minimize the risk but because those robots have a lower success rate of safely disarming bombs than a person does, many times it is necessary for people to put themselves in harms way to ensure the safety of others. But it is not all gloom and doom in this exciting career and plus they get a decent bomb squad salary. Bomb technicians have an incredible rate of success and many of them live long, productive lives without so much as a singed eyebrow.


2⟩ What is a pilot?

Commercial flying is pretty safe. In general, it is less risky to fly than drive a car. Why do pilots make the list? For one, pilots spend substantially more time in flight than the average person does in a car, and because cars can not carry hundreds of people at a time and most people do not have the training or the ridiculous amount of money it costs to own their own plane, the number of pilots is far, far fewer than the numbers of drivers. This means that if something happens to a single pilot, the ratio of danger per pilot is far more greatly affected than if a single driver gets sideswiped by a milk truck. Another factor is the stark fact that running out of gas or having a mechanical failure is far more serious at 45,000 feet in the air than in the drive-thru lane of your local fast food. But probably the largest factor in this is that piloting is a unique job that includes many people who fly things that are not big, well-staffed commercial airliners. People who fly planes like crop dusters, or those with dangerous careers who fly small planes close to the ground and have a much higher risk of having an unfortunate accident than Captain Smith of Luxury Air.


3⟩ List some most exciting jobs in the world?

These are some most exciting jobs in the world:

☛ Bomb Squad Technicians

☛ Truck drivers

☛ Pilots

☛ Loggers

☛ Construction Workers

☛ Roofer

☛ Metal Workers

☛ Electrical power line workers

☛ Fishers

☛ Registered Nurse

☛ Accountants

☛ Chemist, Scientist

☛ Astronaut

☛ Combat Specialty Officer

☛ Secret Service

☛ Homeland Security

☛ Detective

☛ Aircraft Flight Instructor


4⟩ What is a job?

A job is an activity, often regular and often performed in exchange for payment. A person usually begins a job by becoming an employee, volunteering, or starting a business. The duration of a job may range from an hour to a lifetime. The activity that requires a person's mental or physical effort is work. If a person is trained for a certain type of job, they may have a profession. The series of jobs a person holds in their life is their career.


6⟩ What are the fishers?

For many people, fishing is a fun, relaxing hobby consisting of lazy mornings at the lake wearing funny hats and using a tackle box. But commercial fishing is an entirely different sort of activity. At the mercy of the wind, waves and temperatures that can vary from sweltering to well below freezing, fishers sometimes pull long shifts in excess of twenty hours while battling the elements. Falling overboard during severe weather is also a dangerous prospect because not only does the crew have to battle the waves and winds but the overboard fisher has a limited time to avoid freezing while managing to stay afloat. Despite improvements in equipment and weather tracking systems, the effort to keep crab legs on the buffet menu continues to expose fishers to the dangers of the deep.


7⟩ What is a registered nurse?

It is a well known fact that nursing offers exciting careers for women and men alike. Making this the occupation with the largest number of employees. If you like to help others and like to carry out selfless acts a career in nursing can be both rewarding and exciting and let's not forget to mention paying well. Nurses work in private and public facilities as well as care facilities and for large corporations that have on staff nurses.


8⟩ What are electrical power line workers?

When the power goes out, as it sometimes does, someone is there to see it comes back on. In many cases it is an electrical power-line worker, climbing a wooden utility pole or working in tight recesses underground to identify and repair the cause of the power outage. And while it does suck to miss the latest episode of Project Dance Idol Racers, the power-line workers are often in precarious positions to ensure that your lights come back on. One of the most common causes of power outages is severe weather, weather it is lightning strikes that overload a transformer, high winds that knock down power lines or heavy rains that seep through to underground power conduits. The power-line worker has to work in those same conditions that caused the outages. Sometimes tethered to a a splintery utility pole while winds howl around her. And if the power is out where you are, chances are the power is out where he/she is fixing it, so all his/her work is done in the dark, except for the light she can bring on her own.


9⟩ What are the roofers?

Talk about working with a net. Roofers work on pitched, uneven surfaces high above the ground, often without anything to catch them if they should fall. And since one of their jobs is the repair of roofs, they are also at risk from the very damage they are there to fix. Rotten wood, loose tiles and structural collapse have all contributed to the danger of keeping the inside in. And once more, there is the weather to contend with. Sure, it is nice to be outside and get a breath of fresh air but when that fresh air turns into a violent wind and you are fifty feet above the ground on an angled, slippery surface, the niceness quickly fades. And when a gentle rain can turn the surface you are standing on into a playground slide that does not end in a soft landing, the risks of roofing are readily apparent.


10⟩ What are accountants?

Accountants remain in the top ten paying positions in Country. Many think being an accountant is boring but that is not true at all. Accounting is actually an exciting career that involves working with many different types of clients or in a corporate atmosphere. There is far more to being an accountant than working with numbers. This career is a popular choice for both men and women. There are also different types of accountants that carry out different types of accounting practices.


11⟩ What are metal workers?

Whether working with white-hot molten steel in a foundry or using high powered torches to weld together towering structural beams, there is a lot that can go wrong for metal workers. Do not let the dance exuberance of 80s film masterpiece Flash dance fool you, being a metal worker requires a steady hand, a cool mind and a metric gigaton of physical endurance. Most jobs making a mistake is something that will give you a fifteen minute conversation with your supervisor, metal working is one where a mistake could have disastrous consequences. Yet for all that it requires, metal working is a largely unsung profession that does not get the admiration it deserves.


12⟩ What are constructions workers?

Do not let the yellow safety helmets fool you, doing construction work is still a dangerous proposition. While improved safety harnesses, use of netting and more accurate tools have lowered the overall risk of doing construction work from ye olden days, those riveters and jackhammers are not exactly child-safe. Not only do construction workers use heavy tools that pose a danger, they work in diverse environments that vary from underground, to hundreds of feet in the air. While variety may be the spice of life, the fact that their jobs are often in completely different environments from the one before means that construction workers experience many different flavors of danger.


13⟩ What is a truck driver?

While the call of the open road and the solitude of the truck driver is something celebrated in country music, peace of mind and an endless stretch of scenery is not the only thing that comes with this interesting job that you can get without a degree. Despite many countries having strict laws requiring truckers to rest on their routes, pressure to make deliveries on time sometimes leads drivers to take the road without enough sleep. Studies have shown that sleep deprivation leads to serious impairment in tasks like driving. That same pressure to deliver also sometimes leads truckers to ignore speed limits, and when you are barreling down a highway in a gigantic machine weighing multiple tons, physics tells us that it requires a lot of energy for that machine to stop. Given that those trucks also are at risk for mechanical failures, and that they must contend with other drives on the road who do not understand what physics says about inertia, it is not surprising that road accidents are the main contributor to the danger of heading back on the road again for a truck driver.


14⟩ What are loggers?

Although being able to tell people that your office is a forest and you write reports in chainsaw is pretty cool, it is no surprise that chopping down trees and splitting them into lumber is not exactly risk-free. While falling trees, malfunctioning equipment and dangerous tools are obvious perils of the profession, loggers also face risk from environmental hazards such as snakes, insects and the weather. It is hard, heavy work that takes place outdoors and loggers face danger from lightning, to heatstroke in the summer, to sudden dangerous winds. Once you have got that tree trunk down and safely secured, it does not mean the danger is over. This is definitely one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. Irregularities in the wood can cause dangerously large splinters to fly through the air. When thunder, rattlesnakes and exploding trees are all in a day's work, it is a wonder that there are not more Heavy Metal songs celebrating the prowess of the logger's job.


15⟩ Why would you like have most exciting jobs?

If you believe you have to work long hours and you have to sacrifice family commitments and enjoyment to have exciting careers that pay well you would be wrong.

There are all kinds of exciting careers for men and all kinds of exciting careers for women that leave you with plenty of time for family and friends, and let's not forget vacations.


16⟩ What are chemists/scientists?

With new discoveries being made every day and the threats of evolving bacteria and pandemic diseases looming on the horizon, there is a lot of incentive to become a chemist or biological scientist. Because the biotechnology industry is experiencing such rapid growth, biotechnology jobs often expect workers to be more skilled than those that are currently available, therefore, many agencies are enrolling employees in training programs and subsidizing the costs.


18⟩ What are combat specialty officers?

Combat specialty officers plan and direct military operations, oversee combat activities and serve as combat leaders. As such, they are put in charge of tanks and other armored assault vehicles, artillery systems, Special Forces and infantry.


19⟩ What are exciting jobs that play well?

Many of today's young people want to do something different, something that is not like what their parent might have done. They need not worry as there are exciting jobs for young people and some of the most exciting jobs in the world can be found right here in country.


20⟩ What is homeland security?

Homeland Security encompasses a broad range of activities, all of which are highly engaging and not to mention high risk.