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“Prohibited frequently Asked Questions in various job Interviews by interviewer. The set of questions here ensures that you offer a perfect answer posed to you. So get preparation for your new job hunting”

28 Prohibited Questions And Answers

1⟩ Tell me have you ever been arrested?

An employer can't actually legally ask you about your arrest record, but they can ask if you've ever been convicted of a crime.

Depending on the state, a conviction record shouldn't automatically disqualify you for employment unless it substantially relates to your job. For example, if you've been convicted of statutory rape and you're applying for a teaching position, you will probably not get the job.


2⟩ Are you married?

Although the interviewer may ask you this question to see how much time you'd be able to commit to your job, it's illegal because it reveals your marital status and can also reveal your sexual orientation.


3⟩ Tell me do you socially drink or not?

Employers cannot ask about your drinking habits because it violates the Americans With Disabilities Act of 1990.

For example, if you're a recovering alcoholic, treatment of alcoholism is protected under this act and you don't have to disclose any disability information before landing an official job offer.


5⟩ Tell me do you have any outstanding debt?

Employers have to have permission before asking about your credit history. Similar to a criminal background history, they can't disqualify you from employment unless it directly affects your ability to perform the position you're interviewing for.

Furthermore, they can't ask you how well you balance your personal finances or inquire about you owning property.


6⟩ Tell me what country are you from?

If you have an accent, this may seem like an innocent question, but keep in mind that it's illegal because it involves your national origin.

Employers can't legally inquire about your nationality, but they can ask if you're authorized to work in a certain country.


7⟩ Do you have children?

It is unlawful to deny someone employment if they have children or if they are planning on having children in the future.


8⟩ Tell me is English your first language or not?

It's not the employers lawful right to know if a language is your first language or not.

In order to find out language proficiency, employers can ask you what other languages you read, speak, or write fluently.


9⟩ Tell me what religious holidays do you practice?

Employers may want to ask you this to see if your lifestyle interferes with work schedules, but this question reveals your religion and that's illegal.

They can ask you if you're available to work on Sundays.


10⟩ What questions interviewer asked about ancestry?

Questions such as "Is English your native language?, "Are you a U.S. Citizen?", "Were your parents born in the U.S.?, "What race do you identify yourself as?" are illegal for a person to be asked during an employment interview. Faced with questions such as these, you can refuse to answer, stating simply, This (these) questions do not affect my ability to perform the job."


12⟩ Do you like to tell me about your financial status/credit?

A prospective employer cannot ask about your financial status or credit rating during the course of an interview. There are limited exceptions to this, if you are applying for certain financial and banking positions. In addition, employers can check the credit of job applicants, with the candidate's permission.


13⟩ Tell me how long have you been working?

his question allows employers to guess your age which is unlawful. Similarly, they can't ask you what year you graduated from high school or college or even your birthday.

However, they can ask you how long you've been working in a certain industry.


15⟩ Is this your maiden name?

This question, like many others, may seem innocent and simple, but it's off-limits. A woman's marital status isn't something that's required to be shared with employers. Instead, verify whether or not she's gained experience using any other names.


16⟩ Tell me how old are you?

While it seems like a simple question, it's in fact quite loaded. Knowledge of an applicant's age can set you up for discrimination troubles down the road. To be safe, just ensure that the candidate is legally old enough to work for your firm.


17⟩ Do you belong to a club or social organization?

This question is too revealing of political and religious affiliations that candidates are not required to share such information with potential employers. Additionally, this questions has little to no relation to a candidate's ability to do a job. For this question, it's important that the wording focuses on work.


18⟩ Tell me how long have you lived here?

Familiarity with local culture may be important to the position, but it's important not to ask about a candidate's residency in the country or region directly. Rather, ask about their current situation, and they may volunteer information about their past along the way.


19⟩ What you think are you mature?

Maturity is essential for most positions, but it's important that you don't make assumptions about a candidate's maturity based on age. Alternately, you have to be careful about discrimination towards applicants nearing retirement.


20⟩ What is your nationality?

Certainly, you want to be sure that a candidate can legally work for you, but it's important to be careful how you ask. These questions address citizenship, language and other touchy subjects.