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23 Projects Questions And Answers

3⟩ Please suggest me some good concepts that can be taken as a project of around a week or so in java/j2ee/VC++.I consider myself very good in theory/concepts but i would love to have some practical experience also. So if anyone can help me out or rather suggest me some good project idea to implement, i will be thankful to him/her?

First u have to choose the project defination on the basis of your knowledge then analyse your project defination and after that u can make project design.

Then your implemention will start. For that u must have some technical knowledge on the programming languages and technical funda.

After complete your project u have to test your project on the basis of the errors.


4⟩ I would like to do a mini project. But I am unable to select a field first of all. So please suggest me an easier field and a topic under which mini projects can be done and the corresponding references for that mini projects?

First of all minin projects are done to increase your knowledge, and go depth in the subject. So, select yhe field of your interest rather than select easier field, as it increases your enthusiasm and motivates you.

Go to google and search for mini projects on the topic of your wish, you will get the explanation, block diagram and flow chart.


5⟩ Share a Java project advice for beginner?

Now a day's Java is one of the best and top language.You select java to ur project.Really i appricate you.Try to do your application project in swing.Because Swing is one of the peak field in java.All the best for your project and colour full future.


7⟩ How MPMM help me in my role?

MPMM is perfect for project managers, business managers, team members, consultants, trainers, lecturers and students, as well as many other types of roles. Not only will it increase your knowledge of project management and the Project Life Cycle, but it will also provide you with a structured framework for delivering projects successfully. To understand in more detail how MPMM will help you to improve the efficiency within your role, we suggest that you visit our Solutions page.


8⟩ What motivates you better on projects?

A little appreciation for a successfully completed work. If failed in that task, I am motivated to do it better than ever. If completed successfully, the sucess motivates me to go in for a tougher project/work which is a new challenge for me. As it is, winning challenges is the spirit in me.

1. When I am able to make significant positive contribution in a challenging situation, thereby helping in the overall success of the Task / Project.

2. When organization shows confidence in me by choosing me amongst many for a tough and challenging assignment.


9⟩ What was the most stressful aspect of your last project and how did you deal with it?

Very few projects stay on schedule, under budget and with no major problems. The ability to handle stressful situations is key to successful project management. Limited resources and time, changing demands and new circumstances all result in stress on the project manager.

Show how you are able to stay calm under pressure and plan to reduce stress focusing on aspects such as your people management, technology management, risk management and expectation management.


10⟩ How to handle stress as a Project Manager?

I'm not the type of person that becomes stressed very easily. However, if in an extreme circumstance I did start to become stressed, I would look to the cause of it and attempt to identify a solution. I would certainly not be afraid to look to others for their input and assistance. In a working environment I think stress comes around from pressurized situations. In such cases the best solution is often one of situation management until the crisis abates.

I hardly ever get stressed; however, I do encounter different kinds of challenges. The recipe for me to overcome those challenges is to get to the bottom of the problem and deal with it immediately before it becomes a disaster.


11⟩ What MPMM contain?

This product not only contains more than 1000 pages of content describing how projects should be undertaken successfully, but it also includes:

51 detailed project management templates to help you to build project deliverables quickly and easily

33 comprehensive examples providing a practical example of each deliverable within the Project Life Cycle.


12⟩ How you add value to your project?

Project Manager Add Value By:

a)Define Proper Communication Plan

b)Maintain Clear Functional and Technical Documentation

c)Arrange Brainstorming session within the team to deliver best quality of services

d)Improve Technical competency in team thru different approach

e)Maintain Team Morale with Creative and fun activities

f)appropriate resource backup and risk plan


13⟩ What are core features of MPMM?

MPMM is a body of project management content, wrapped in a simple, easy to use software tool. This tool includes such core features as a Navigation Panel, Display Panel, Page Summary Panel and Related Topics Panel. It also includes Navigation Tabs, Display Tabs and Feature Buttons to help you to navigate through the enormous amount of content included within the tool. For further information, view the Features page.


14⟩ I am an MCA final year student. & in my next semester (3-2) i have to develop a project. I have decided to do project on INTRANET system on my collage. so please suggest me to choose a particular field . i have lots of options like (c,c++ using windows or Unix), D2k as front end & oracle database as back end, using java. But i want my project that must be helpful when i go for a job. And my main concentration & field of interest is Database?

You could go with the choice of oracle database as backend, using java for this project.Why not you try some comapnies whether they have vacancy for doing projects. Because this could give you real time work experience. This project is also good but first make a try with companies and then go for this choice. All the best.


16⟩ I am studying B.SC maths , third year. My aim is to enter into the software field. so, I want to do one project. Please suggest me how can i get the project and what is the best topic?

There is no one such company and also for training no companies gives advertisements and take people. I would suggest you to prepare a good resume and apply for all companies you come across for fresher graduate vacancies in good job websites. Some companies give training and take you for job also after their training period. If possible try to learn some software skills like C,C++.All the Best.


18⟩ I want to do a project in C . I want a good new project for my campus selection?

Here's what I suggest on what you need to do.

1.) Research on what your school needs to improve.

2.) Then research on your library, the internet, or preferrably other schools on the related projects.

3.) Afterwards plan your project, this will really have a time for this will depend the outcome of your project.

4.) Act your plan. T

his is where your encoding and software testing will be done.For specific example:

1.) Library Database System

2.) Go to other schools for what they have done on their projects regarding Library Database System.

3.) Design your project and ask from the librarian what the library needs.

4.) Encode and test the program that you have created.This is just an example, your school might have other things that needs to have a system. Or you can always check the previous that other students have done but not been implemented in your school yet.


19⟩ What you have done in your last project?

Innovations were done in the working procedures to reduce Efforts with high quality deliverables. Timely Deliveries with Quality work. Updation documented in the Procedure document with each delivery. Appreciated Customer Feedback.


20⟩ I have to make project in our last semester and i am confused about itplease guide me and the site that I should look into for information?

Do not panic, every final year B.E/B.Tech/M.Tech/MCA students need to do projects in their final year. so, do not think project as a burden but think its a place where you can learn more about the subject, different fields apart from curriculum.

There are many institutes to assist you, you can approach them, they will have many projects, collect the synopsis from them and choose the project of your institute.