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14 Resume Help Questions And Answers

1⟩ I am working for Testing in Process Control Automation Company. I am seeking change to Open Systems/Embedded Systems. How should my Resume look like and what are the things i need to highlight. moreover i have 2 r sexp in teaching and 2yrs in Software field. Please guide me to prepare a best resume?

when you say Open systems, it means something like Unix. Embedded systems are bound to the hardware. Seems like 2 separate terms..correct?

The best way to start is to search in google or yahoo for resumes samples


2⟩ How to prepare resume for my campus interview?

I will help you


Name :

Fathers Name :

Date of birth :

Marital status:



Then put up a table that contains your Qualification , Name of the course (10th or +2 and some degree) with name of the institution you studied and the mark secured and the percentage)

Then if you have some extra curricular activities provide it .

Then Languages known to speak and Languages known to read and write

Then if you have got prizes in sports or something provide the detailed information

Then provide referances they may be your staff or family member in that particular feild and working

then finaly you must declare that details provided by are true to your knowledge

If you need additional information contact me through this website


3⟩ I m having almost 10 yrs out of which 7-8 yrs in tech field. And currently working with one IT Company. My education background is very week i.e. my 10th, 12th & Graduation percentage are 48% which looks very shabby on my profile. In addition to this my graduation is in commerce which also by distance learning.Duly i cant attend the interviews or get rejected in interview although i have good experience. So kindly advice me about how can i overcome to this issue?

Could you specify me how you say that you get rejected in interview only because of your education background? Why I ask this is my friend, though your education background is poor as you stated once you have 7-8 yrs in tech field the interviewer would mostly look for strong knowledge in technical side. Also having reached the interviewer level passing the resume selection I don't think that you get rejected because of your education background .May be your technical skills or communication skills needs improvement for selection.


4⟩ i need some help for preparing a good resume as i completed my electronics in the year 2006 and i want to apply for software jobs as well as for bpos and call centers?

Many of my friends prepared separate resume for software jobs and callcentres !what i feel is that they are right too, since Call Centres only look for your communication skills.

If you dont mind giving your mail id,then i can send you my resume!

or you can search sites which help you prepare good resumes!


6⟩ I am a M.Tech fresher(2005-2007) with 69% up to third sem, specialization is Power Electronics and I am B.Tech (EEE) 2001-2005 batch with 55.96%. I want to enter software side and I have completed DOT NET this month How should I write my resume to get interview calls, I have 73% in 10th and 68 % in inter. Please tell me how to cover this 2nd class percentage in B.Tech or there are companies which do not ask the B.Tech% and see the PG%?

Dont worry about the percentage. Now a days software is good... Many comapnies are hiring. They will see the software knowledge only not the percentages. Dont mention ur % in ur cv.. even many companies are hiring people with second class %. So just concentrate on dotnet only not on ur %.


7⟩ How to write resume?

Dear it depends on the candidate whether he is fresher or experienced.but it seems that u r a fresher so some tips and a resume is shown below:1. ur resume should be as small as possible(one page or max 2 pages) covering all of ur details2.mention ur hobbies and have good knowledge about them3.mention ur fav subjects and again have good concepts of those subjects4.mention ur extra co-curricular activities done during college period


8⟩ I have completed M.C.A from ignou in 2011. I am working with NIIT as a should i made my resume for development job?

you have three option

1) Apply in all gian company as fresher because they can consider you as fresher as you are 2011 passed out

2) go ahead with only development resume and join any B grade company for a year or two and get some real development exp

3) join some specific certification course like SAP ABAP , sieble, people soft, navegn , oracle 11i and go ahead

all the best for you future


10⟩ I am working for Testing a software Company which deals with security systems(Security Cameras). I had worked as project assistant for 1 year and then i got landed in testing.This is my 8th month in this office.I am looking for a change as here the career and knowledge growth is low.What do you think i should complete here one year aleast here or should search for a better opportunity.How my resume should be build for better response.And what extra effort i should do to shine in testing? Please guide me to to take a proper decision in my career and resume build up?

Firstly I would advise you to at least complete a year in a company. Many companies give no weightage to an experience that is less than one year in a company. Besides, companies have started blacklisting jo hoppers as that tends to convey a lack of commitment towards the company that employs you. Unless you have a serious problem(eg. do not get along with your supervisor and everyone thinks he is right) , don't worry to much about the work and career growth right now. Give in your best and wait a little more for the results. If your company is a professionally managed one, then sincere effort would always be rewarded. 8 months might be a little less to judge someone enough to be able to give major swings in career.all the best and hope this helps.