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16 Telephone Operator Questions And Answers

6⟩ What according to you are duties of telephone operator?

Determining the caller requirements and providing the relevant information, forwarding calls to concerned department, updating customer database, filing caller complaints and processing them and sometimes, handling appointment scheduling.


7⟩ Share difficult situation you faced? How did you handle it?

During the last year something went wrong with the database system and without the information it was not possible to process caller's requests and complaints. It took the technical department two days to fix the problem. Those two days were particularly difficult since customers called in all day and I could not cater for their requests. I used an apologetic tone, apologized verbally for the inconvenience and called each and every one back once the system was restored.


10⟩ Why should I hire you?

You should hire me because I am upbeat courteous, patient, good listener and a very good communicator. Well-versed in handling multiline telephone exchange systems, I also bring ample data entry and client database management skills. I possess very good auditory, iconic and mnemonic memory and am usually able to remember and reproduce long lists of words for a considerable period of time.


11⟩ Tell me about yourself?

I am an energetic and extrovert person who enjoy human interaction. After graduating High school I started my first job as telephone operator at the JD Hospital, New Jersey. I have received several on the job vocational trainings as telephone operator and my total work experience sums up to almost 5 years.


12⟩ Is it unethical to provide callers with incorrect information regarding an employee's availability?

I do not think it is unethical. An employee may not want to take calls due to personal or professional reasons and it is up to us to comply with their orders. Telephone operators are not allowed to pass judgment on these things. There are times when a caller is deemed harmful to a company (for one reason or another) and it is perfectly justifiable not to forward his or her calls.


13⟩ How you rate your communication skills?

On a scale of 1 to 10, I would rate my communication skills at 8. Communication is all that telephone operators do on any given work day so they hold a lot of importance.


14⟩ How you can handle strict deadlines?

I handle deadlines through effective time management, task prioritization and multitasking. If the tasks are prioritized and time line chalked out, meeting the strictest deadlines becomes a piece of cake.