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25 Tourism Hotel Questions And Answers

4⟩ What is blind baking?

To bake a pie crust without the filling. Metal weights or

dried beans are typically utilized to keep the pastry from



11⟩ What is Inseparability?

To receive the service customer must be personally and physically present at the point of delivery. Customer cannot be separated from the point of delivery. Service is available at the Point of service Delivery (POD).


12⟩ What is Perishability?

Perishable services are those services, which cannot be stored. Unused service of a particular day cannot be sold next day or in advance.


13⟩ Described adding value?

Adding value can be defined as adding extra item, image, product or service, which adds value to the product. For example a good-looking receptionist adds to the quality of hotel, a garnish on food adds to the value of the food. It can be service tool, service staff, environment, image of the owner or chef, etc. Travel agency adds value to the quality of hotel or vice versa.


14⟩ What is variability in tourism hotel?

Services are highly variable. The quality of service depends upon how, when where and who provides them. Each time customer receives different levels of satisfaction from the same level of service; same food gives different test to different people.


15⟩ What is village tourism?

To utilize village and villagers for the purpose of tourism. Tourism managed and operated by villagers for the villagers. Tourism managed and operated by villagers for the villagers.


16⟩ What is product formation?

It can be defined as putting different products and services together to form a product for the satisfaction of customer. For e.g. Hospitality is a product formation which is not made from a single item.


17⟩ What is moment of truth?

It is the actual time when customer interacts with service staff. It is the moment of contact when no management has control. It is the motivation, skill, tools of the service and expectation, behavior, expectation of the customer determines the quality of the service.


18⟩ What is Point of contact?

Place, item, product, staff, service customer contact to receive service. It can be building, service environment, delivery items, staffs, follow travelers which they contact and receive positive or negative feelings.


19⟩ What is hospitality in terms of hotel industry?

Hospitality actually means, "taking care of guests in the best possible way".

★ Organizing, providing services and looking care after guests is included in it.

★ It means friendly and generous treatment of guests.

Hospitality industry includes all companies involved in providing services for guests. They provide more mental satisfaction than tangible objects.


20⟩ What is high touch service?

These are those services which are already prepared but the customer receive it only when he wants. For e.g. room reservation, fast food, printed information, housekeeping service, etc.