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28 Training Advice Questions And Answers

2⟩ I am a fresher. I want to do career in software which will be used in agriculture. So what are the courses available and location and how can I update myself?

I am an Engineering Student. I can just guide you to learn by Youself. I think Training Institutes are all there for a bussiness rather than Providing the Placements.

Learn one or two Courses which you feel that will help you in your Career like Oracle,Java etc.


4⟩ What are the best C DAC centers for DAC course?

I did some research and i did find that sunbeam and IET pune are good C DAC centers for DAC course, but may not be best. IACSD, Pune seems to at par to sunbeam, pune.

What i found that ACTS, Pune is still the best. Also, MET mumbai, VITA mumbai and YCP mumbai also seems very good institute.

I was surprised not to find so many good words for ACTS, bangalore and ACTS, hyderabad. I am not sure if this is just lack of information or they really not so good.

ACTS trivendram suppose to be good for Mainframe course but again, they are not so well in DAC course.


11⟩ Hi I am in 8th semester of computer engineering. with 69 aggregate till 7th sem. i want to do job with the best effort. please suggest me. right now i m doing project training as 8th sem. in IITB?

With IITB tag and due to increasing demand in the industry you must be already having offers in hand from the companies visited your campus. When it comes to choosing the company , I feel you should opt better company rather than package. Which I feel will definitely work for you in future.

If you do not have an offer on hand take it from you will get it sooner.

I personally feel that taking up a job in 8th sem may affect your studies


13⟩ I have done B tech engineering in computer science in 2000. I worked for one year in data base systems. I could not pursue a serious career due to family commitments. I am good in SQL programming and likes. Pls advice me me on how to enter into career at this point?

Since you are into data base side I would suggest you to learn Oracle as this has a very good openings in market.BUt t give you a more clear guidance briefly let me know what was your role and what you worked for one year.


16⟩ I will be starting my career in Oracle 9i & D2k shortly (undergoing training). Will it be good for me to learn Oracle Apps without any experience in Oracle 9i?

There is no written law which says that you need to be expert in Oracle 9i to learn Oracle Apps.

Oracle 9i is about PLSQL. You CAN learn it all by youself.

Being aware of Oracle 9i, i.e., about PLSQL will certainly be an added advantage to your career.

Obviously, When it comes to learning, there is no such thing as Good or Bad.

Whatever you learn is for your own good.

Learning Oracle 9i will act as a catalyst and boost your career.


18⟩ I did not know how work with VB, many are said that VB is very tough to learn and implementing into project. suggest to me is it difficult to learn VB. Is there any learning note to learn VB on this site from the beginning?

No its not true that VB is tough Language.Its more simplier than other language.U dont need to remember complex codes to make program in VB.I m using vb over 5 years & i suggest u to learn it


20⟩ How to learn basics of qa testing in a structured way, and is there any specific way to ask companys to bring me in and train me. I am new to qa and want to learn more.I am self taught only, no formal education. Is it possible to learn like this and do u have any suggestions as to how to ask companys to train or hire me to learn?

You can do certification in QA which would add to your career value as well as help you in gaining knowledge in this area.Some companies even conduct or sponser employees for getting certification in the same.