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17 Bio Technology Questions And Answers

9⟩ What is the difference between defined, characterized and standard serum?

define serum is the artificial serum made by man and

composition of which is well known by us

characterized serum is that which made up of specific

characters for example it contains specific antibody against

specific disease

stander serum is serum which is collected from normal blood

which we can not make in laboratory scale although we know

composition of it.


10⟩ What bacteria should we eat?

Why, bacteria eat almost anything they can get! Of course,

they can't chew through cement. They can eat anything

edible to animals and humans, probably more! Take wood for

example, termites eat wood, bacteria eat wood too. In fact,

termites wouldn't even be able to eat wood if it wasn't for

the bacteria in their stomachs!

Bacteria are decomposers. Decomposers eat anything dead and

once they are finished they put nutrients from the dead

object or plant back into the ground to grow new plants


13⟩ What is the difference between transfection and transduction?why the word trasfection is prefers for transfer of genetic material through non viral particles in eukaryote not for prokaryote?

Transfection- (Transfer+ Infection)transfer of naked DNA

(DNA without any carrier)into an Eukaryotic cell.

Transduction-Transfer of genetic material among bacteria by

carrier (bacteriophage).

Since the term 'Transformation' is used in case of transfer

of naked DNA (through non viral particles) into

prokaryotes,while the term 'Transfection' is uused in case

of eukaryotes because the term transformation is used for

the conversion of normal body cells into cancerous cells

which undergo unlimited cell division, so to avoid the

confusion between these two different cell processes the

other term Transfection is used in eukaryotes in place of

the term transformation in prokaryotes.