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28 Biztalk Database Questions And Answers

8⟩ Do you know what is <Any> element?

An <Any> element in a schema designates a specific location in the schema where new elements or attributes can be added. When BizTalk uses the schema to process a message containing unknown elements or attributes in the designated location, the schema will still consider the message valid.


9⟩ Tell me messages without subscribers are removed, how?

☛ MessageBox_Message_ManageRefCountLog_BizTalkMsgBoxDb determines when a message is no longer referenced by any subscriber.

☛ When no subscriber found it starts MessageBox_Message_Cleanup_BizTalkMsgBoxDb which removes the unused message.


10⟩ Tell me what is the Root Node?

It's a node within a BizTalk Server schema that represents the outermost XML element in the business document specified by the schema.


12⟩ Explain me what is the correlation property schema?

Correlation types define a set of properties on which you will be correlating messages. These can be any properties which were previously defined in a property schema (see question 2) and deployed with some BizTalk Project including "system" properties deployed with the GlobalPropertySchemas which is installed as part of the base BizTalk install. A correlation set defines a set of properties and values for these properties that a message must contain to be processed by a particular orchestration.


14⟩ Explain me what databases are part of every solution?

BizTalk Server Management database, MessageBox databases, Tracking database, and SSO database are four databases which are used by BizTalk server runtime operations. It is the component that encapsulates and abstracts the database component and is the interface used by BizTalk Server to interact with the MessageBox. The Message Agent is a Component Object Model (COM) component that provides interfaces for publishing messages, subscribing to messages, retrieving messages, and so on. This interface is the only mechanism used by other BizTalk Server components, including the adapter framework and orchestrations, to interact with the MessageBox.


17⟩ Tell us what is the difference between XSD and DTD?

Difference between XSD and DTD are listed below:

☛ o XSD are written in XML.

☛ o XSD support data types.

☛ o XSD support namespaces.

☛ o XSD is extensible to future additions.

☛ o XSD is richer and more powerful than DTDs.