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“Photoshop Expert Frequently Asked Questions in various Photoshop Expert job interviews by interviewer. The set of questions are here to ensures that you offer a perfect answer posed to you. So get preparation for your new job interview”

76 Photoshop Expert Questions And Answers

1⟩ Tell me all software products you can work with. How long have you been working with it. What do you like about this and that program?

It is better to be humble. They can let you work with CAD or Photoshop right in the interview. After all, it is the best way to see if you can really do your job in the program. Practical exercises are becoming pretty common in graphic design interviews, so be aware of it.

Recruiters use this question as a test of your trustworthiness too. If you say you are skilled with Photoshop, but are unable to complete the assigned tasks later, you will not get the job. They will not trust you anymore. Without trust, there is no job contract…

Therefor, I suggest you to be humble and name only programs you can really work with. You should say how long you have been working with it and list few advantages it has. It is the best way how to answer this question.


3⟩ Tell me how to Unlock Background?

Click on IMAGE go to MODE and select GRAY SCALE (if the PDF or JPG is black / white), and go back to the LAYER and double click, that will unlocked, if do not, go back to IMAGE and select RGB color and double click, that would do it. Click on IMAGE go to MODE and select GRAY SCALE (if the PDF or JPG is black / white), and go back to the LAYER and double click, that will unlocked, if do not, go back to IMAGE and select RGB color and double click, that would do it.


4⟩ Tell me how do you create an artistic border?

1. Open any image>

2. Make a selection using the ?rectangular Marquee Tool? (M)

3. In your layer pallet> add a layer mask

4. Then go to Filter>Brush Strokes>Sprayed Strokes and play with the stroke length etc. You can apply other styles too.


5⟩ Tell us what brands do you most admire and how do they influence your work?

This is a good opportunity to see whether a designer is abreast of current design trends and a good fit for your specific business needs. They should be able to articulate what makes a brand stand out, graphically speaking, whether that brand is directly related to your business or if it shares similar attributes.


10⟩ Explain what is the meaning of a Path?

A path can be defined as a collection of possibly disconnected, lines and areas describing the image. In simple words, it is a collection of curves and line segments arranged on the page. A path cannot be drawn by itself, but after it is specified it can be stroked (lines) or filled (places) making the proper marks.


11⟩ Tell me how you can fix blown out colors in light room?

To fix the blown out colors in light room, you have to go to local adjustment brush option in lightroom and you can adjust your color. Either you can reduce the effect of color or either you can balance the effect of color by increasing the proportion of the opposite color.


12⟩ What is Clone tool in Photoshop?

Clone tool uses the current brush to repair the problem areas in photos and pictures, by painting over them with pixel data from other areas.


15⟩ Tell me what is a Bezier curve?

It is a mathematically defined curve used in two-dimensional graphic applications. It is defined by four points, the initial position, two middle point positions and a terminating position.


16⟩ Tell me why filename template is important in light room?

File name template is important in light room because with the file name template you can save lot of information about the image like meta-data of that image, equipment, date, equipment etc. Apart from that, you can also include a custom text field.


17⟩ Please explain something about your latest design projects. What challenges did you face and how did you handle it?

First of all, you should prepare a portfolio of best works, either in an electronic, or in a paper form. Every responsible designer serious about his job search has one. It can be simple, but it should be nice. Do not economize. Use quality printer and colors, so your works look good on the paper.

Such a portfolio should include also a goal of each project, your target audience, and programs/techniques you used to complete it. It is good to have few copies of your portfolio, so you can leave one to the interviewers (at least for temporary time).


18⟩ Tell me can we use bamboo tablet in Photoshop?

Yes, you can use bamboo tablet in Photoshop. After installing the bamboo tablet software, open the software. Once done, the next step is to configure the four hotkeys of Bamboo tablet with the help of the software available in tablet. Create a new document and open the Photoshop, you can now have Photoshop with a bamboo tablet.