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31 Career Advice Requests Questions And Answers

1⟩ I need to know what are all the certification exams available for software testing.i have done my BE passed out in the year 2004. i have done my software testing course at STC. I do not have any prior experience. so guide me whether can i do any certification in Software testing?

The certifications are

# Certified Software Project Manager (CSPM)

# Certified Software Quality Analyst (CSQA)

# Certified Software Tester (CSTE)

Advance Certifications are






2⟩ I am a B-Com graduate, passed out in 1999 . would like to shift in IT . I have done oracle apps financial module. Not much knowledge in PL SQL. Is it enough if i learn oracle financial modules only. What are prospects of job. Can i really make it at the entry level?

Having done oracle apps financial module it would be tough for you to learn PL SQL. I would suggest that you take a good book and make a advanced learning in PLSQL also which would add value. Yes oracle financial modules are good to make at the entry level.


4⟩ How to take a dump of Web Intelligence reports? Because I want to send reports with code Z(all operations like filters, alerters) to client. How can i do this?

Now to do this :

create any simple webi report using efashion demo universe.

save it; go to cmc and check the path of this .wid file from input;

go to that path;

copy the name of .wid file;

now rename your clients file with that name.

now your clients .wid file has the name of the .wid file of the webi document which u created using efashion.

now copy this file - and paste it into the input frs path; so you r just replacing the files with the id.

just login into infoview; click open the same file which you created;

it will show you your client report which you have replaced.

this is the way to manually migrate and test your reports - from one environment to another.


5⟩ I have Completed my MCA at IGNOU, now I am a computer faculty at an Engineering College, I have knowledge in C,C++, Core Java, Oracle, VB.I want to shift to Delhi for programmer?

Among the areas you have mentioned, choose one in which you are more comfortable and improve your skills in those areas further to catch up with the changes in those areas, don't take too many things together which makes you perfect in none. choose one technology and work hard on it. example alone Core Java may not be sufficient learn adv java if you want to apply for jobs in Java.


8⟩ I am in T.Y.B.Sc.(I.T.). from the Mumbai university. I am not able to complete my graduation since the year 2004. The problem is that I am not able to complete the paper in time. Now I am very much afraid of examination. My concepts are clear before the Exam. But when I go for the same at the hall,I forget every thing. But still I want to myself to be in an I.T. field. Is there any career after the completion? What are the future prospects? Should I do a DAC course from CDAC? Or should I do S.C.J.P? Or should I go for SAP-ABAP? which of the courses can i be able to do?

I would sugegst you to first finish your graduation.Don't have the feeling that you will forget every thing. While reading make a not of points of important concepts and terms in each chapter and just read that once in the morning when you have your exam. This wuld help you to recollect just the important points afresh in mind before you go for the exam. YOu can do SAP course and this has a veru good market. All the Best.


9⟩ Guide me what should i do after my mechanical engineering, should i do MBA or should i gain some experience after my engineering and then go for MBA, what is the scope of doing post graduation in engineering (M.Tech, Msc)?

It is not necessary that you should gain some experience and then go for MBA.MBA can be pursued part-time, while at the same time you can get some hands-on experience right after engineering. So it going to be earning and studying both, In case you cannot cope two-in-one, then you may have to opt for full-time MBA.

Getting M.Tech will take little more time, if you are willing and can manage without job and can concentrate fully on studies, you can opt for M.Tech.


12⟩ What is I have done B.E Computers and a CDAC course. Currently i am employed in Pune. i have more than 1.5 years of exp in Java. I am looking for my further studies, but i want to do part time study now. Can you suggest me some courses and related universities?

You can pursue MBA degree and there are lot of universities offering this as part time.With engineering degree a semesters in management would prove very beneficial for you career.All the Best.


13⟩ I have completed my Course in Oracle 11i in following module GL/FA/API am working in a MNC as Financial Expert.Can any body involve me in any project in Oracle 11i as functional?

There are lot of openings for Oracle 11i as functional. You can search good job search portals and apply for getting the job.Even Oracle company would have vacancy in this are. Try searching their website for career openings. All the Best.


15⟩ i have recently done oracle financials module. From non it background. Please someone give me a thorough advise, as to What all i need to learn to make a full fledged career in oracle applications. Please specify what all i need to learn from the scratch?

Having a widened through knowledge of oracle financials module itself would get you very good career. Apply for jobs in this area and try to get a real time experience which would give a exicting career. All the Best.


16⟩ I am currently working as a Systems Engineer with a CMMi Level 5 company with few hundreds of strength. Now I have plans to move into Information Security Consultant career in big companies like IBM,ACS, Wipro etc.But, the draw back with me is I DONT HAVE A DEGREE. I could not complete my graduation due to some personal reasons but, I DO HAVE CERTIFICATIONS LIKE SECURITY PLUS, CEH and knowledge about OS, Networks etc.But, I am worried whether big companies as i stated above reject me due to lack of degree.Please help me if i can confidantly apply to jobs in those companies. Mean while i have plans to complete my degree in near future?

you have mentioned that you dont have a degree.Don's think fo teh past.I woul suggest you to get a degree first with good marks and with good communication skill and with your exp gained you can easily make the entry.


17⟩ Tell me when and where can i write the aptitude tests conducted by top IT firms like InfoSys, Accenture, CTS, TCS, etc.? I am in my final year engineering now, with mechanical as my specialization. I am really worried about my career, and these tests were not even conducted by our college?

Do you want to know where you could get sample question patterns for aptitude tests conducted by top IT firms like Infosys,Accenture,CTS,TCS,etc.


18⟩ I have done BCA and pursuing my career in customer care. I want to change my field, i am more interested in IT. Please guide me how i can start my career in IT?

IT is a vast field. In other words there are numeros areas like database design,application programming, SAP, testing and so on. Let me know what is the area of your interest and I could suggest you whether you have bright options in that and what to do further in that line of your interest.


20⟩ I have finished my mca with 71 % and bsc with 59.17%. i have completed first round in tcs. But i hav 59.17 % in bsc. is there any possible to reject for that reason (bsc-59) in technical and hr round. i have interview on next week?

you need not worry at all. Your PG percentage is good and also having completed the first round they would not definitely reject you in technical and hr round based on your B.Sc mark. So don't worry. You have to be strong in technical and communication skills for this round. And the most vital is facing the interview with confidence you would definitely make it.