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30 CIW Certification Questions And Answers

8⟩ Suppose your company is outsourcing some content development tasks. The contractors who work on these projects will see some of your companys proprietary content before it is available to customers. Your company needs to ensure that this trade-secret content is kept confidential by the contractors who see it. Which of the following protects your intellectual property in this situation? A. Copyright B. Trademark C. License agreement D. Non-disclosure agreement

D. Non-disclosure agreement


10⟩ Suppose 1 What is an intranet? A. A searchable internal repository that stores an organizations proprietary documents B. A worldwide network available to anyone who has a TCP/IP connection on a computer C. A TCP/IP-based network accessible only by an organizations members and employees D. A TCP/IP-based network accessible only by an organizations internal employees and select external clients

C. A TCP/IP-based network accessible only by an organization's members and employees


14⟩ Suppose You have purchased some products from an online business. This business collected information from you regarding your purchase, such as your name, e-mail address and product preferences. This online business then sold some information about you to a third party. This routine practice is an example of A. a copyright issue. B. a privacy concern. C. a trademark issue. D. a licensing concern.

B. a privacy concern.