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14 GATE Questions And Answers

7⟩ What is the function of external oscillator in 8051 microcontroller?

The 8051 uses the crystal for precisely that: to synchronize

it’s operation. Effectively, the 8051 operates using what

are called "machine cycles." A single machine cycle is the

minimum amount of time in which a single 8051 instruction

can be executed. although many instructions take multiple



9⟩ Which of the following is a true statement?

1. MAC address broadcast are all zeros

2. MAC address are defined at the Physical layer

3. MAC address are used by bridges and switches to make

forwarding / filtering decisions

4. IP addresses allow a flat address scheme,

whereas MAC addresses are hierarchical


10⟩ Which of the following is true regarding trunked links?

1. They are configured by default on all switch ports

2. They only work with a type of Ethernet network-not with

Token Ring, FDDI

3. You can set trunk links to any 10-, 100-, and 1000 Mbps ports

4. You must clear the unwanted VLANs by hand


13⟩ Which of the following is true regarding 2 switches? (Choose two)?

1. A switch is a a hub with more ports

2. A switch is a multi-port bridge

3. Switches learn IP addresses from each frame and filter

the network using these addresses

4. Switches learn MAC addresses by examining the source

address of each frame

Answers No. 1 & 4 are true. As a switch is a hub to connect

devices and unicast while Hub is multicast.

Switch is use to deliver packets systems to systems

(identify MAC)