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4 Novell CLE 9 Certification Questions And Answers

1⟩ Explain function keys?

At the bottom of the screen, a number of function keys are identified:

* F1 - Help

* F2 - Toggle through screen display settings

* F3 - Toggle through installation location choices

* F4 - Toggle through languages

* F5 - Choose a debugging output level

* F6 - Include a driver update CD in the installation


2⟩ Explain authentication method?

The user authentication method must be chosen. Three choices are available:

* NIS - To use if you are using an NIS server

* LDAP - To use if you are using an LDAP server for user data

* Local (/etc/passwd) - The choice to pick if you are storing passwords in /etc/passwd and /etc/shadow


3⟩ How to install SLES 9?

To begin an installation of SLES 9, insert the first CD into the computer and reboot the system. On most computers, the system will boot from the CD and you are ready to begin the installation. If this does not happen, you may need to reconfigure the BIOS and change the boot drive order to check for media in the CD/DVD drive first.

The first menu to appear offers a number of choices:

* Boot the Hard Disk - This stops the installation and boots the operating system already on the hard disk. Because this is the safest choice, it is the default.

* Installation - This is the option to select to begin the normal installation.

* Installation-ACPI Disabled - Choose this option if you need the Advanced Configuration and Power Interface to not interfere with the installation process.

* Installation-Safe Settings - Choose this option if DMA mode is needed to get around normal installation. Use this choice if the installation keeps failing with one of the other selections.

* Rescue System - This allows you to boot the system from the CD in the event that the hard drive boot files are damaged.

* Memory Test - This checks RAM only.


4⟩ Sample Novell CLE 9 Certification Exam Questions!

1. How to configure services like DNS, DHCP and e-mail.

2. How to implement good security (host, network, firewalls, etc.).

3. How to know when security has been violated by being able to detect intruders and figuring out what was affected.

4. How to use all the modules within YaST.

5. How to work with printers.

6. How to configure and use Samba.

7. How to install SLES 9.

8. How to work with VPNs.

9. How to monitor the network.

10. How to configure SQUID.