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4 Novell CLP Certification Questions And Answers

2⟩ How does someone become a novell certified linux professional?

You must only pass the novell practicum (050-689: novell clp exam) to become a novell clp. course work is never required for this certification. However, using novell authorized training materials for study (either through instruction or self-study) is an excellent way to prepare for the novell practicum exam.


4⟩ What is Initial requirements for Novell Certification?

here are two paths to choose from: Novell Certified Linux Professional 10 and Novell Certified Linux Professional 11.

For the Novell CLP 10, you must pass the Novell Practicum CLP 10 exam

For the Novell CLP 11, you must pass the Novell Practicum CLP 11 exam