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22 Novell CNE Certification Questions And Answers

2⟩ Suppose Youve just installed a new content management application on yourNetWare 6.5 server. You installed it on the APPS volume in the KNOWLEDGE directory. To managethe application, you must remember the full path to this directory. You want to create a search drive soyou dont have to remember the full path. Which command would you enter at the server console to dothis?A. SEARCH APPSKNOWLEDGEB. MAP S1=APPSKNOWLEDGEC. SEARCH ADD APPSKNOLWEDGED. ADD SEARCH APPSKNOWLEDGEE. SEARCH APPSKNOWLEDGE ADDF. ADD APPSKNOWLEDGE SEARCHG. MAP INS S16=APPSKNOWLEDGE



6⟩ Explain Which describes the role of the Novell Distributed Print Services (NDPS)printer agent?A. It downloads the correct print driver to the workstation.B. It responds to queries from clients about the status of a print job.C. It provides a platform for printer objects that reside on the server.D. It allows NDPS clients to sent print jobs to printers that are not NDPS-aware.E. It redirects print jobs to directory on the server while waiting for the printer to become available.F. It takes application-specific data from the application creating the print job and reformats it to work with theprinter it is being sent to.

B. It responds to queries from clients about the status of a print job.


17⟩ Suppose You need to access your NetWare 6.5 servers console. However, yourecurrently in a different building. You decide to use Remote Manager to access the server from aWindows XP workstation. Your servers DNS name is What URL should use to accessRemote Manager? (Choose 2.)A. http//da5.da.com81B. http//da5.da.com8008C. https//da5.da.com444D. https//da5.da.com8009E. http// https//da5.da.com443/nps/RemoteManager.html