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10 Testing Certification Questions And Answers

3⟩ Tell me What is the purpose of creating virtual users in load testing?

There are two ways to test the performance of your application. one is in the production which is very difficult to improve the performance once your application goes into production and is possible with the help of solaris DTrace kind of facilities but not applicable to all projects.

Therefore we need a virtual real time environment with expected no of real time user which are created virtually on various load testing tools.


5⟩ Explain how to do manual testing in test director i mean where to launch

Testing is very important in software development .so testing starting at olanning to colloect specification time to begin testers involve but you want manual testing which time to do strat ? at the time of coding part complete any module we want to test text validation done are not ; at particular palce working properly to user requirements ; all functions are working properly as guide lenes of project manager specifications .........so on


10⟩ Explain Why is it recommended to add verification checks to your all your scenarios?

(1) Each scenario is set of transaction in LoadRunner script.

(2) Each transaction does have set of virtual user actions

(3) To make sure that the vitrul user has passed the transaction scripts need the verification checks.

(4) There are 2 types of verification checks.

Image verification check and Text verification check.

(5) It is better practice to add verification check after each action is performed.