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13 Inorganic Chemistry Questions And Answers

5⟩ Explain A catalyst?

(a)always slows down the reaction

(b)always starts a rection that would not have ocurred at

all otherwise

(c)causes changes in the rate of the reaction

(d)changes the quantities of the products formed


7⟩ Why we use sulphuric acid in the experiment of measure absorpance of K2Cr2O7 and KMnO4?

In case of Dichromate we use it to maintain the pH, otherwise

there is a mixture of Chromate and Dichromate. They donot

absorb at the same wavelength. So we cannot use Lambert-Beer's


For permanganate use of sulphuric acid is not for this reason

but to maintain the pH as in neutral or alkaline solution

permanganate get hydrolyzed to for manganese dioxide.