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9 Physical Chemistry Questions And Answers

4⟩ At a constant temp. volume is inversly proportional to pressure. This is Boyles law. But, when u give pressure to a football, how the volume also increases?

Boyle's law states that" at a constant temperature the

volume of a GIVEN MASS of gas is inversely proportional to

the applied pressure.

This indicates not only the temp, but the mass must be


But, when u apply pressure to a football, u r suplying air;

in fact u r not keeping the mass constant.

Hence Boyle's law can't be applied to this case.

Of course, when u supply only pressure from out side but

not air, definitely the volume will decrease.


9⟩ As per X-ray Fluorescence theory, when material particle is irradiated with X-ray the electron of innermost orbital of that element atom is exited and emits outside of the atom as photoelecrons, living behind a hole in innermost orbital . This hole is filled by outer orbital electrons. The question is that finely what happens to that photo electon which is emitted outside of the atom?

The photo electron which is emmited outside the atom will be

released in the form of heat.