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8 Qooxdoo Questions And Answers

2⟩ What languages and technologies do we need to know?

Not many. qooxdoo features regular object-oriented GUI programming without requiring knowledge of low-level web technologies. No HTML, no CSS, no DOM. Just JavaScript. Even non-JavaScript programmers get easily familiar with qooxdoo's OO capabilities and its tool chain.


3⟩ Is not qooxdoo just another JavaScript library?

No. It's also not just a "library", but a "framework". It is much more comprehensive than a typical JS library like jQuery or Prototype. qooxdoo's main focus is on creating full-featured rich internet applications (RIAs), so it comes with a large set of high-quality widgets and features a powerful, platform-independent tool chain. But due to some recent advancements it is now also possible to leverage qooxdoo as a low-level library for extending traditional HTML documents.


4⟩ Does qooxdoo come with a server?

No. If you already have an existing backend that serves HTTP (or HTTPS) requests, it's probably fine to continue using it. Optionally qooxdoo offers several RPC servers for an elegant client-server communication. BTW, during development of your client application the local file system often is sufficient, without the need to use a real server.


6⟩ Who developed qooxdoo?

qooxdoo was initiated and is maintained by 1&1, the world’s biggest web hosting company. There is a team of full-time core developers as well as many committers and contributors.


7⟩ Is qooxdoo freely available?

Yes. qooxdoo is Open Source, dual-licensed under LGPL/EPL, i.e. the "GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL)" and the "Eclipse Public License (EPL)". As a recipient of qooxdoo, you may choose which license to receive the code under.


8⟩ What is Qooxdoo?

qooxdoo is an open source Ajax web application framework. It is an LGPL- and/or EPL-licensed multipurpose framework that includes support for professional JavaScript development, a graphical user interface (GUI) toolkit and high-level client-server communication.