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“Pre Employment job preparation guide for freshers and experienced candidates. Number of Pre Employment frequently asked questions(FAQs) asked in many interviews”

33 Pre Employment Questions And Answers

1⟩ How do you make yourself stand out from the rest?

Employers see most job applicants may have very similar qualifications. As a result, they want to get a deeper look into your personality beyond what standard job interview questions can provide. One of the tools employers use during the job interview process is the personality test.


2⟩ what is a personality test?

It is a type of career test that aims to describe aspects of a person's character that remain stable across different situations. In other words, by categorizing your personality traits, employers are using a personality questionnaire that claims to be able to predict which job candidates will fit best for any particular employment position. The companies that sell these pre-employment testing services will claim that personality tests are accurate. In reality however many managers will tell you they lost great candidates because those job applicants scored poorly on the personality test part of the job interview. Don't let this happen to you.


4⟩ Why are so many employers using the personality tests during the job interview process?

Companies use of the pre-employment screening test has increased over 300% in the last five years alone because of complex computer modeling that employs powerful mathematical algorithms, making the results seem far more accurate than ever before.

But the most important reason employers love these tests are simply because there is little else out there to evaluate you with.


6⟩ Why personality tests can be unreliable?

☛ They only measure different attitudes about things from different people. Your attitude about something in general cannot be used to predict how you'll react to different & distinct business situations.

☛ They cannot predict behavior because behavior is context sensitive. People act differently in different environments. If you're in sales, and you're way ahead of your quota, you will almost certainly handle price concession requests differently than if you were way behind quota.

☛ They associate success with specific personality types. In fact, personality requirements are different for different jobs. Rarely do any of the tests customize their recommendations by job type or environment. It's simply "This person may (or may not) succeed." This just doesn't happen in real life.


7⟩ Would you be interested in learning how people handle stress at work?

Like any other part of the job interview process, you need to do your homework. You've already selected a conservative outfit to wear during your interviews. You've spent hours and hours reading job interview preparation material, about the company you're applying to, and researching personality tests. You know what job interview questions to expect, and how to respond. Your resume is polished and highlights all of your accomplishments beautifully.


8⟩ What are the solving process steps?

1. Understand the question.

2. Find the information you need to solve the problem.

3. Make a plan to solve the problem.

4. Solve the problem.

5. Check the answer.


10⟩ How to face difficult situations in pre-employment interview?

Some interview questions are looking for indications of problems you may have had in the past. Never lie about it if you were fired from a previous job, since such information is often uncovered before you are hired. It's best to give an honest answer that minimizes any problems you may have had. When asked "Why did you leave your last job?" you could answer that you and your old boss did not see eye to eye, and then move on to how eager you are to gain a fresh start. Never badmouth a previous employer or co-workers.


11⟩ What type of questions would be asked in a pre-employment interview?

some types of questions are more common than others. Be prepared to respond to questions such as:

☛ What would you do if your best friend stole something and he asked you not to tell?

☛ What brings you joy?

Other common questions are:

☛ How would you handle it if you were asked to do something you know is unethical, but is not illegal?

☛ How important do you think it is to be on time to work every day?

☛ Do you think it creates a problem for others if you miss work?


12⟩ How to be practiced for pre-employment test?

Get one of your friends or family members to help you with a practice interview. Have them ask you random questions from the list you've prepared, and pay attention not only to your answers, but also to how you present yourself. Make sure you speak naturally; don't let your answers sound rehearsed or pre-planned, even though they are. Use good posture, make eye contact with the interviewer, and don't use a lot of filler words such as "umm," "uhh" and "like." You'll make a better impression on the interviewer when you answer all of her questions clearly and directly.


13⟩ Tell me what is skills assessment test?

Research estimates that nearly 65 percent of employers use some sort of pre-employment skills test which is designed to confirm that applicants have the skills they say they have. These tests can range from simple employment typing tests to a complex mechanical construction.

Not only technical skills are tested, an applicant may be asked to develop a marketing strategy for a new product, to write a report or lift a heavy load to demonstrate physical strength. The most important requirement is that the test genuinely assesses skills necessary for job performance.


14⟩ Tell me what is employment aptitude test?

These tests are designed to determine that the applicant has the ability to perform the job successfully. They are usually written or oral and include evaluation of reasoning ability, numerical, written and verbal skills.

They differ from skills tests in that the aptitude test determines the applicant's potential ability to perform the job functions when trained (the applicant's capacity for learning the required skills) while the skills tests determines the applicant's current or existing level of skill.


15⟩ What is integrity employment test?

Employee theft and fraud costs a company on average $9 per day per employee in the US. Pre employment testing often includes integrity or honesty tests. These are used to evaluate an applicant's honesty and trustworthiness including attitudes towards risky workplace behavior, theft, lying and unethical behavior.

Questions are designed to examine the applicant's attitude and approach towards misuse of company resources, email and internet abuse, use of drugs and alcohol, trust with confidential information and personal responsibility.


16⟩ What is employment drug test?

These are becoming more and more frequent as employers are encouraged to establish drug-free workplaces. Pre employment testing for drugs is covered in detail at employment drug screening.


17⟩ How to give yourself sufficient time for test?

Find out how much time the pre-employment test is expected to take and make sure you are not stressed by time constraints such as another appointment.

You may need to spend anywhere from a few minutes to several hours of time. Some assessments are administered on site, while others may be completed online from any location. If it is a telephonic or online test make sure there will be no interruptions or distractions.


18⟩ How to approach employment tests?

Most job applicants do not understand the methodology of personality tests. There are no "right" answers and it is key to be honest in your answers. The test is designed to evaluate how your personality traits meet the requirements of the job. If you try and give the answers you think the employer wants you will cause problems for yourself for two main reasons.


19⟩ How to be prepared for the skills test?

To prepare for the skills test, practice doing whatever you'll be doing on the job - typing, drawing up a spreadsheet, editing. A number of skills tests are available online, you can search for and use the appropriate tests for practice.


20⟩ What is pre-employment personality test?

These tests attempt to determine an applicant's personality characteristics and if they relate to the personality requirements of successful performance in the defined job.

The test format can vary from a brief written test to a long psychological examination. These tests typically measure one or more of five personality dimensions:

☛ Extroversion

☛ Emotional stability

☛ Agreeableness

☛ Conscientiousness

☛ Openness to experience

Most personality tests are designed to be used by psychologists. However, there are some tests available which can be interpreted by non-psychologists. A pre employment personality test has no "right" answers and cannot be prepared for.