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⟩ Describe an example of when you were part of a team. What was your role? How did you contribute to this task group? How often did you interact with other team members?

Select a group project you participated in during the past and explain your role and responsibilities. Provide a concise answer without neglecting to discuss important details about your participation in the project. It's fine to discuss project goals and metrics, how you communicated with team members, project conclusions, and any other relevant facts. The following is a good answer to this question.

I worked as a quality assurance manager for ABC engineering firm from 2002 to 2008. It was my job to make sure all project guidelines were followed and that product specs were being met. It was also my responsibility to communicate directly with the project manager, COO, and about 20 other team members. When project guidelines were missed or ignored, or project phases didn't meet spec, I communicated my findings to the project manager who in turn took the necessary action to fix the problems.


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