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⟩ Suppose You are the SMS administrator for You use SMS 2003 SP1 and the SecurityUpdate Inventory Tool for patch management. The Security Update Inventory Tool is installedand configured with the default settings. The package created by the tool is named Security. youforce the security sync advertisement to run and download new information on updates. you forcethe security advertisement to run on a test server named 1 to collect software update data. threehours later you discover that there is no new data. you need to ensure that the current softwareupdate data is sent from 1 to the sms server as soon as possible. What should you do?A. Change the Security advertisement to run the Security program.B. Change the Security program to run Scanwrapper.exe /cache /kick.C. force 1 to run a hardware inventory cycle.D. force 1 to run a software inventory cycle.

C: force 1 to run a hardware inventory cycle.


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