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⟩ Tell me You are the SMS administrator for All servers run Microsoft Windows Server2003. All desktop computers run Windows XP Professional. You want to install the SMSAdvanced Client on all computers on the network. You use the Client PushInstallation Wizard to install the SMS client software on the computers. You discover that some ofthe computers failed to install the SMS client. You need to identify the cause of the problem.Which three log files could you examine on both the SMS client and the SMS site server? (Eachcorrect answer presents a complete solution. Choose three.)A. Ccm.logB. Ccmsetup.logC. Cidm.logD. Client.msi.logE. Ddm.logF. Smsexec.log

A: Ccm.log

B: Ccmsetup.log

D: Client.msi.log


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