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⟩ Suppose You Completely Install the Redhat Enterprise Linux ES 4 on your System. While start the system, its giving error to load X window System. How will you fix that problem and make boot successfully run X Window System.

Thinks While Problems occurred on booting System on Runlevel 5 (X Window).

1. /tmp is full or not

2. Quota is already reached

3. Video card or resolution or monitor is misconfigured.

4. xfs service is running or not.

Do These:

1. df h /tmp /tmp is full remove the unnecessary file

2. quota username if quota is already reached remove unnecessary file from home directory.

3. Boot the System in runlevel 3. you can pass the Kernel Argument from boot loader.

4. Use command: system-config-display It will display a dialog to configure the monitor, Video

card, resolution etc.

5. Set the Default Runlevel 5 in /etc/inittab id:5:initdefault:

6. Reboot the System you will get the GUI login Screen.


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