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“Dance Instructor related Frequently Asked Questions by expert members with job experience as Dance Instructor. These questions and answers will help you strengthen your technical skills, prepare for the new job interview and quickly revise your concepts”

49 Dance Instructor Questions And Answers

3⟩ Why did you decide to become a personal Dance Instructor?

I decided to be a personal trainer because some years ago I was fat then I transform my physique and slowly progress into bodybuilding and seeing other who dont have proper guidance to move on and achieve there fitness goal really pushed me to become a personal trainer.


8⟩ Suppose if any client walks in and says they want to start training, what evaluations would you begin doing to determine their appropriate fitness program?

Id first run through a screening form with them to see if they have any health conditions that would affect there training program such as cardiovascular disease. Id ask bout any injuries recent surgery or pregnancy. To determine there fitness level id ask have they done any exercise recently if so what have they done.


10⟩ Suppose you saw me at gym, average build kind of guy, and you wanted to approach me to potentially sign me up for sessions, what would you say to me?

I would kindly ask would they be interested in bulking up or toning down or mainting the weight. Based on the answer they give I will talk in more detail about that area for example if they say there interested in bulking up I will talk bout the fantastic free weights and weight machines.


14⟩ Tell me what advice would you offer someone considering this career as Dance Instructor?

Be patient and never forget that passion you have for dance. So many dancers have certain expectations, and when they don’t occur, then frustration sets in and the passion can get lost. Also, always have another vocation to help with the financial side of things. You can make a lot of money dancing, but it takes time, so set your self up so that you can be patient and not have to stop dancing because of finance problems.


19⟩ Tell us how did you get started?

My mom taught dance when I was young and she put me in class to keep me occupied. I was a very hyper kid and tap dancing was the one art form that I gravitated towards that challenged me and taught me focus.


20⟩ What do you dislike about dancing?

I would say the constant traveling can be grueling. And sometimes when I end up teaching discipline and rules instead of dance. I feel that this is the responsibility of the parents/guardians, so it can be frustrating as a few students make it difficult for the full class. With that said, my motto is: “A good teacher teaches what they want. A great teacher teaches what is necessary.”