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“Dancing based Frequently Asked Questions in various Dancing job interviews by interviewer. These professional questions are here to ensures that you offer a perfect answers posed to you. So get preparation for your new job hunting”

16 Dancing Questions And Answers

2⟩ Questions Ask To A Dancer

☛ What is your dance background?

☛ Why do you want to teach dance?

☛ What do you think is the most important trait for an instructor to have?

☛ How would you teach a [style you know] basic step?

☛ What would you say to someone considering starting lessons?

☛ Other general interview questions.


4⟩ Explain me what is dancing?

dancing means express feeling of oneself.it is also a better way to remove stress by movement of our body part we can art anything its an art.a good dancer can dance on any step . and most important thing is dance without stress and while dancing forget every thing just dance with your own interal art.


7⟩ Difficult Dancing Job Interview Questions

☛ What is the mission of the company, school or organization?

☛ What is the size and structure of classes and/or rehearsals?

☛ What is the performance repertoire?

☛ Who is their audience?

☛ What do others have to say about their educational/professional experiences there?

☛ Will I get the training I need?

☛ What is the pay and regularity of work?

☛ Are there other benefits (e.g. compositional opportunities, touring, work with respected and established artists)?

☛ Is any travel involved?

☛ Does it matter to me if it is a stage or film/video job?

☛ Am I being realistic about my technical level, my time and my financial needs?


9⟩ Classroom Structure & General Professionalism based Dancing Interview Questions

☛ Describe your typical class to me…

☛ How do you handle difficult students? What do you do when your students are not listening or paying attention?

☛ What rules or standards of conduct do you enforce in your dance classes, i.e., no gum chewing, no texting, etc.?

☛ Are you on Facebook? How do you manage the teacher/student relationship with your students while on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube?

☛ What type of music do you use for your classes? How do you address inappropriate messages or language in music for your classes?


10⟩ Basic Dancing Job Interview Questions

☛ What drew you to dancing? (You are looking for their passion)

☛ Who is your favorite teacher and why? (This will tell you who they would like to emulate)

☛ What is your favorite dance genre? (This will help you identify their passion and where they fit)

☛ What is your favorite genre to teach? (This will let you know what they are seeking)

☛ What is your favorite part of teaching dance? (You are looking for their passion)

☛ What is your least favorite part of teaching dance? (You are trying to understand them and where they may have an issue)

☛ How long have you lived in the area? (Getting a feel for why they are where they are)

☛ How long do you plan to live in the area? (This will help you assess how long they can teach for you)

☛ How do you feel about “bratty young kids?” (This a trick question; use the word bratty to imply you don’t like misbehaved kids, but if they do not answer in a positive manner they are probably not a good fit)

☛ How would you respond if a student called you a bad name? (If they do not answer this with a proper, caring response, they probably are not the right fit)

☛ How do you feel about [insert age group they will be teaching]? (Check for the sincerity of their response and if they fit the age range you desire)

☛ How would you handle a “crazy rude dance mom” inappropriately screaming in your face? (You are attempting to see how they would handle a bad situation; if their answer contains any amount of misconduct or rudeness, they are probably not a good candidate)

☛ How many dance studios have you worked at? (This will give you a feel of their loyalty) Why did you leave? *If they have worked at many studios sound impressed and ask why, for example – “Wow, you have worked at so many studios, how did you make that happen?” (This will tell you if they have taught at many studios because of their accomplished career or if they may have “studio hopped” for less ideal reasons)

☛ What is your dream job? (This will help you understand where they are headed and what their passion is)

☛ What is your biggest goal in the next five years? (Again, this will help you assess where they are headed)

☛ If you could redo anything in your life, what would it be? (A difficult question, but it will let you understand them as a person and see how they handle sensitive issues)


11⟩ Employment History & Availability based Dancing Interview Questions

☛ What days/hours are you available?

☛ Are you currently teaching anywhere else?

☛ If yes, where?

☛ How long have you been teaching there?

☛ What classes are you teaching?

☛ How many classes per/week?

☛ What is your hourly pay rate?

☛ If no, are you currently employed?

☛ If so, where?

☛ Reason for leaving your last teaching job?

☛ While teaching at another dance studio, have you ever left before the end of the school

☛ year/end of your contract?

☛ If yes, what were the circumstances?

☛ If hired, will you be available to attend staff meetings, tech rehearsals, recitals, and other

☛ studio-related events and meetings for the teaching staff?

☛ Would you be willing and available to substitute for other instructors if needed?

☛ Are you interested and willing to take part in ongoing teacher training whether in-studio or

☛ outside at teachers workshops and conventions?


12⟩ Inspiration & Motivation based Dancing Interview Questions

☛ Who are some of the teachers that have inspired you?

☛ Why do you teach?

☛ What is your favorite part of being a dance teacher?

☛ What is your least favorite part of being a dance teacher?

☛ What are your strengths as a dance teacher?

☛ What are some of your weaknesses as a dance teacher?

☛ What has been your most memorable moment as a dance teacher so far?


13⟩ Teaching Style & Philosophy based Dancing Interview Questions

☛ If you could describe your dance classes in three words, what would they be?

☛ Do you follow a certain syllabus?

☛ If yes, which one?

☛ What inspires you in your teaching?

☛ How do you inspire your students?

☛ Have you ever choreographed for dance recitals, performances, and/or dance competitions?


14⟩ Background & Experience based Dancing Interview Questions

☛ How did you hear about us?

☛ What is your training and background in dance?

☛ How long have you been teaching?

☛ What styles of dance classes do you teach?

☛ What style of dance are you most interested in teaching?

☛ What age group do you prefer to teach?


16⟩ What You Should Ask A Dancer

☛ What type of training is provided and how often?

☛ How long does training continue before new instructors are given students?

☛ How is ongoing training conducted?

☛ How much does training focus on dancing, teaching, and sales?

☛ Does the studio include training from outside coaches?

☛ How do we gain access to the studio to practice?

☛ Does the studio provide materials (equipment, syllabi, etc.) for study?

☛ Does the studio require instructors to be certified?

☛ What is the age range of your students?

☛ What are your students' goals?

☛ What other duties beyond teaching will I have?

☛ What compensation is provided? What benefits?

☛ Are teachers studio employees or do they rent floor space?

☛ How will this affect my professional/amateur status?

☛ How are students assigned to teachers?

☛ Are teachers paid hourly or by the lesson? Are they paid for studio parties and showcases?

☛ What is the studio's policy on socializing with students outside the studio?

☛ How many lessons are conducted simultaneously? How is music and space allocated?

☛ What advantages do you offer that other studios I'm applying to can't match?