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“Financial Auditor Frequently Asked Questions in various Financial Auditor job interviews by interviewer. The set of questions are here to ensures that you offer a perfect answer posed to you. So get preparation for your new job interview”

80 Financial Auditor Questions And Answers

1⟩ How much do you know about our company?

Possibly the best interview tip is to research and understand the company, its products and services. Avoid reeling off a list of memorised information, and instead highlight particular things that caught your interest.


2⟩ Tell me how do you expect this position to help you advance your career?

As a professional, I think it is important to always think about the future. I am excited to join your company as an external auditor, but I have a potential future in mind. I would love to gain a managerial position with your company within the next five years. From there, I would be interested in joining the executives as a financial officer or something of the kind. I do not know exactly how this position will help me in my career, but I know I will gain a lot of important experiences and skills because of it. It will also give me the chance to hone the skills I have currently.


3⟩ What are your salary expectations as Financial Auditor?

This is in some ways a trick question. In that they are trying to trick you into slipping up. Never answer this question directly. Answer it with a question instead, for instance, you can ask them about the range of the position and then explain that salary can depend on the details of the job of which there are many, but only mention a few.


4⟩ Tell me why internal audit?

Some people are career auditors,”, “others view Internal Audit as their entry point into a new business before progressing elsewhere after some time. Whichever you are, make sure you are able to clearly articulate why you are interviewing for this job.


5⟩ Do you know why internal audit is necessary?

Internal Audit is necessary to

☛ Enhance the size and complexity of businesses

☛ Increase the compliance requirements

☛ Focus on risk management and internal controls to manage them

☛ Unconventional business models

☛ Stringent norms implemented by regulators to protect investors

☛ Intensive use of information technology

☛ Increasingly competitive environment


6⟩ Explain me why do you want to work in this location?

You may have applied to work in a specific location, in which case you'll probably be asked why.

It might be because you'll be able to save money by living with your parents - it's fine to mention your personal reasons, but try to show that you've had a closer look at the office in question too. Perhaps it works with some clients that particularly interest you, or you may have met some of the team members at a recruitment event and got on well with them.


7⟩ Explain me what is internal audit?

An independent and objective evaluations or examination of the company’s financial and operational business activities is referred as internal audit.


10⟩ Basic Financial Auditor Job Interview Questions

☛ Tell us something about your work experience? Discuss the biggest strength and weakness of your resume?

☛ Why financial audit is essential to manage and evaluate the overall financial procedures?

☛ What do you understand from web auditing? How does web editing different from financial computer editing?

☛ Explain the diverse steps for initiating financial auditing procedures? According to you, what is the ideal deadline to complete the financial audit?

☛ Define internal finance audit? What are the different types of internal audit systems are available?

☛ Distinguish between annual external finance audit and internal audit?

☛ Discuss the different procedures involved to conduct and accomplish the internal finance audit?

☛ How do you handle the errors and frauds found in the internal and external audit? Would you like to suggest some beneficial process to bring transparency in the financial records?

☛ What approach do you follow to communicate with the concerned people during the financial audit?

☛ Explain the various before auditing and after auditing procedures? How do you organize the official meetings regarding the financial audit programs?

☛ As a financial auditor, what are your objectives to serve the finance department of the concerned organization?

☛ Have you ever encountered with any panic issue in which you found a lot of finance calculation errors during the audit procedure?

☛ According to you, which five traits are required to be a successful finance auditor?


11⟩ Tell me what do you think you'll be doing on a day-to-day basis during your first year at the firm?

Your interviewers want you to show that you've done your research into a career at the firm and have a good understanding of what a graduate role in audit involves.

This means you need to know what kind of projects you'll be working on and what sort of tasks you'll be responsible for, who you'll be reporting to, where your work will be carried out – at your firm's office or on client sites – and how much of your time will be spent studying at college.


12⟩ Tell me the steps before an audit processes?

☛ Ensure the authority of the audit team is established- it will enhance the co-operation from the auditees

☛ Decide which areas of the company will be audited and the frequency of the audits. Prepare as yearly audit schedule and distribute

☛ Determine the purpose of the audit whether it complies with government regulations, quality standards, internal procedures and systems

☛ Organize a meeting with the auditors to discuss plan, scope and purpose of the audit

☛ Read the documents you are auditing against.


13⟩ Tell us what have you learnt from your studies and extra-curricular activities that can be applied to a career in audit?

Careers in audit are open to graduates from all degree disciplines, so don't worry if you haven't studied maths or a business-related course at university.

Firms look for candidates with good numeracy skills, strong teamwork and communication skills, willingness to learn, and the ability to build relationships with clients. Use your academic experience, part-time work and participation in clubs and societies to demonstrate that you've developed these skills.


14⟩ Can you discuss any recent developments that have affected the firm and the audit industry?

It's important to demonstrate that you have broad commercial awareness and keep up to date with developments in the business and financial press, but you should also be prepared to show that you're following the audit industry specifically and be ready to discuss it in detail.

The Big Four professional services firms have been criticised for failing to spot, or warn about, the global financial crisis, and their practices are also facing scrutiny from British and European regulators who say there's not enough competition among auditors. Make sure you're able to discuss these issues, and their impact on firms in the industry.


17⟩ Explain me what skillset do you see as being the most important for an external auditor to have?

There are a lot of skills that can benefit an auditor, such as being organized, proficient at math and detail oriented. However, one of the most important skills that can be possessed by an external auditor, in my opinion, is that of analysis. Someone in this position is expected to identify discrepancies in documents and have enough knowledge to suggest solutions. Without the ability to analyze this kind of bulk data, an auditor will not be very good at his or her job.


18⟩ Tell me how have you gained the technical knowledge needed to be an external auditor?

I gained a lot of the technical knowledge I need to be an external auditor while I pursued my bachelor’s degree in accounting. I also have my Certified Information Systems Auditor designation from ISACA, which indicates I have a lot of technical knowledge related to information systems and operational auditing experience. I also gained much of my technical knowledge while I was an internal auditor for five years and an external auditor for three years.


19⟩ Why do you want to work with us as Financial Auditor?

This question is all about testing your preparation skills pre-interview. Your employer wants to know how motivated you are to work for his or her company, thus how well you’ve researched the company culture. Use this question to identify which of their core values you share, your respect for their business ethos and how you intend to uphold the vision they have created for their organisation.