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“Job Search Tactics based Frequently Asked Questions by expert members with experience in Job Search Strategies & Tactics. These questions and answers will help you strengthen your technical skills, prepare for the new job test and quickly revise the concepts”

29 Job Search Strategies And Tactics Questions And Answers

2⟩ Describe the term strategic thinking?

A candidate should see strategic thinking as a process of learning and you turn ideas into reality by developing one's abilities in team work, problem solving, and critical thinking. They should see it as a tool to help a business or organization confront change, plan for and make transitions, and envision new possibilities and opportunities.


4⟩ How to go about identifying allies as part of any good business or organizational strategy plan?

Candidate should be flexible, be an influential decision maker on their own, and manage good relation ships with co-workers. For example, when groups with similar interests create strategic alliances, they are much more likely to achieve their goals. Allies may also be sympathetic insiders. A good candidate should understand these concepts. A sympathetic senior bureaucrat in the right organization who understands your project can also provide the most help. Finding such a person and fostering that relationship shows initiative.


5⟩ How you would create a strategy for say, a public interest campaign?

A good candidate will list at least some of the following criteria:

☆ A clear defining of the goals and objectives of the campaign

☆ Identification of opponents

☆ Carrying out a SWOT analysis

☆ Imagining and playing scenarios

☆ Identifying primary and secondary targets

☆ Identifying allies

☆ Deciding what resources are required (salaries, expenses, other)

☆ Devising tactics

☆ Drawing up an action timetable.


7⟩ How to develop a strategic vision for your organization what are the five key criteria that you should focus on?

Answer should include the five following key criteria:

☆ Organization

☆ Observation

☆ Views (the environmental view

☆ The marketplace view

☆ The project view

☆ the measurement view)

☆ Driving forces

☆ Ideal position.

The candidate's ability to define his/her ideal position in clear, strategic terms is plus.


10⟩ What are the most common reasons why change in management fails in most organizations?

Candidate should understand the dynamics of change in any form of organization and be able to determine the problems of conflict and how they relate to the change. Candidate should be a problem-solver and handle dilemmas and/or conflicts effectively. They should recognize the potential problems that may arise from a lack of attention and the inability or reluctance to change.


12⟩ How to get help for job?

There are all kinds of services available to you.

Many are even free. Some provide counseling, aid in job searching, and some even help you determine what you might be good at.

Using the right job search strategies you can find that job you've been waiting for.


13⟩ How much ambitious are you?

Job Seeker should demonstrate a real ambition that is also backed by a persistence and real enthusiasm to succeed. However, check that this ambition is balanced by a sense of clear-headiness and an innate common sense. Make sure that the candidate is 'grounded' in reality.


15⟩ How to find job via social networking?

Social Networking sites like LinkedIn are excellent tools for connecting with management, colleagues, and business owners. Facebook can be another excellent tool and let's not forget the value of blogging. Hanging around blogs, forums and discussion groups that are related to the type of work you are looking for can build connections and allow you to maybe get a heads up on a job opening.


17⟩ How to get help with job interview mock up?

Many people looking for employment fail to recognize how important a job interview mock up can be for nailing the job.

Interviews can be stressful times and by practicing you are far more likely to be relaxed because you've rehearsed, and you are comfortable with the type of questions you are likely to be asked.


18⟩ What is the importance of training and course works in job searching?

Training can mean the difference between getting a job and not getting a job, so make sure that you include the list of all the training you've had, no matter how irrelevant you may think it is.

You should also take inventory of the training you do have, and decide if there is certain training or any professional course that might benefit you, and then decide if you should take it.


19⟩ What is stunning resume tactic?

Your resume is like your advertisement for you and your skills.

Don't just put together a resume, put together a stunning resume that will grab the attention of recruiters or human resource personal looking to fill positions.


20⟩ How to get help for job by recruiting agencies?

Recruiting agencies are valuable tools for anyone who is looking for employment.

You can find a number of excellent ones online. There are recruiting agencies of varying sizes and there are also those that specialize in head hunting for certain types of employers/employees such as medical or business careers.