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50 Biztalk Orchestration Questions And Answers

4⟩ Please explain what is XLANG and where it is used?

XLANG/s can be viewed as a messaging language with some of the expression capabilities of C#. However, code is not portable between XLANG/s and C#. The language is used for orchestrations. XLANG/s statements generally fall into one of two categories: simple statements that act on their own, such as receive or send, and complex statements that contain or group either simple statements or other complex statements, such as scope, parallel, and listen. The semantics embodied in XLANG/s are a reflection of those defined in the Business Process Execution Language for Web Services (BPEL4WS) specification published by Microsoft, IBM, and BEA for the definition of business process semantics.


6⟩ Tell us types of messages?

Two types of message

☛ Typed message : A message created in Orchestration is bound to the schema

☛ Untyped message : A message is bound to System.Xml.XmlDocument instead of the schema.


10⟩ Tell us which Interfaces do you need to implement in a disassembling custom pipeline component?

A disassembling pipeline component receives one message on input and produces zero or more messages on output. Disassembling components are used to split interchanges of messages into individual documents. Disassembler components must implement the following interfaces:

☛ IBaseComponent.

☛ IDisassemblerComponent.

☛ IComponentUI.

☛ IPersistPropertyBag.


15⟩ Please explain how does Orchestration subscribes to messages?

In Orchestration, the first Receive shape is responsible for creating a subscription. Following two properties are involved in it,

☛ Message : This tells what message this Orchestration is subscribing to

☛ Activate : This tells to consume the message when found in a MessageBox


16⟩ Please explain what is a link in a Map?

A link specifies the basic function of copying data from an element or attribute in an input instance message to an element or attribute in an output instance. You create links between records and fields in the source and destination schemas at design time. This drives the creation, at run time, of an output instance message conforming to the destination schema from an input instance message conforming to the source schema.


18⟩ Tell me how to load message in a variable?

It can be done using the LoadXml method. Say xmlDoc is a variable then following is done to load employee message.