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10 General Chemistry Questions And Answers

1⟩ However ozone is heavier than oxygen still ozone is up there in sky why?

It's not that it's "staying up there", it's that it never

has a chance to fall. Ozone is FORMED up there, and it

breaks apart again before it has a chance to fall.

Ozone is formed when UV radiation hits oxygen (O2),

splitting it apart. Oxygen atoms hate to be alone, so they

recombine with an O2 molecule to make O3, ozone. Before the

ozone has a chance to fall, IT gets hit with MORE uv

radiation, turning it back into oxygen. Ozone just keeps

getting made and destroyed before it has a chance to fall.


3⟩ What is the process for separating the components of gunpowder?

First introduce water and then filter the

particulates out. The liquid would be mostly potassium

nitrate since there will be a finite amount of solubility

of the other 2 compounds. Next introduce carbon disulfide

and filter the carbon away from the soluble sulfur. They

would be cleaned up sufficiently enough i would think.


4⟩ When a glass rod is heated gradually and suddenly dipped in cold water, it cracks. What is the reason?? When a cool glass rod is suddenly heated, it cracks. Why?

When a glass rod is heated the molecules gains etnergy and

they will be in random motion. when it is suddenly dipped

in cold water, the glass molecules contact with water

gives its energy to the lower enrgy water molecule while

the molecules inside the glass with higher energy will

relese the energy randomly as a result it creates cracks

for more surface area, so that more energy can flow in

lower time.

Same thing happens when it cooled rod is heated.