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4⟩ Explain difference between detect alias and detect context?

We should use Detect Aliases and Detect Contexts to formally identify and resolve loops.

i.e.if a loop contains only one lookup table then the loop can be resolved by detecting the alias.

if a loop is having 2 or more fact tables(multiple fact tables) then the loop can be resolved by detecting context

Detect alias: resolving fan trap

Detect context: resolving chasm trap


5⟩ How we drill up week to Month?

In data Warehouse when u change + symbol to - , u would c all the aggregation level in that + this is called rolling down.

So if u again click over that - it would again compressed back to +. This is call drill up.

your Aggregation levels woudl b like


So by changing the symbol from - to + at month aggregation level u can drill up.


9⟩ Explain difference between compatible and incompatible objects?

We can select or choose compatable n incompatable objects through aggregator navigation in the designer.

with this method the performance increases tremendously.

instead of checking for each n every object only the compatable objects are only looked for aggregate awareness.

year:-month,quarter,week,day are compatable but customer class is incompatable.


11⟩ When we use aggregate awareness function in designer?

1. In order to solve fan trap in busines objects we either create alias table or aggregate awareness function

2. Through aggregate navigation we can also select the compatable as well as incompatable objects

Ex:-year, quarter, month, week, day

year:-quarter, month, week, day are compatable objects

quarter:-year?class is incompatable and month, week, day are compatible.

3. We specify the objects in descending order.


12⟩ Described about REPORT BURSTING and how to do it in BCA as i have to split the report and send diff reports to diff people?

If some part of the data in your report is sensative, you can't risk sending the whole report to everybody, even to those who need to see the least sensative part of report !

Solution is Report Bursting.

You can send reports to BCA for scheduled processing & distribution to users based on THEIR profiles (profile = user rights) & not based on your profile !

BO 5 & WebI 2.5 procedure to do this :

Open the document, click "Send to BroadCast Agent" on Doc Exchange toolbar.

In Actions tab select "Refresh with the Profile of Each Recipient"

In the Distributions tab select "Distribute via the Business Objects Repository. ONLY OPTION to enable you for Report Bursting)

click To, select recipients,

Schedule it & OK.

In WebI 2.5...........

in Refresh options Select Scheduled Refresh & click send

on Scheduling Options, Set "Refresh According to the profile of each recipient" to Yes & OK.


13⟩ Can you please explain the difference between condition & filter?

Conditions: these retrievals the data based on the condition (universe level)Filter: it brings the data and filter; performance will be slow (report level)

Filters - are used to restrict the number of rows in the output.

Conditions - It wont reduce the Number of Rows, but you can show up data based on some validations.

For Eg: select cust_id from customer where cust_name like 'A%'

Filter is Cust_name like 'A%'.

Condition is also applied at report level.


14⟩ How to generate the report from excel sheet?

Start BO,

Select "Others" on Data Providers wizard page,

from drop down menu, select "ersonal data files",

specify file location & check the box "First Row contains Column names" this will help you in creating Objects.

click Ok.

Start building your reports...


15⟩ Described about thumbnail?

BusinessObjects Enterprise lets you preview a report using thumbnails. You can request the server to take a snapshot of the first page of the report and return it to the browser as an image file. This image can then be displayed as part of the Report Details page.

To retrieve a thumbnail, a separate page needs to be created because the code that writes an image to the screen erases any text that may have previously been there.


18⟩ Which steps to be taken to schedule the report?

You can schedule any report using Business Objects (reporter) .1) Open report in BO2) Select option " File->Send To- BCA"3) Select the BCA name to which report has to be scheduled4) Set other options for report scheduling like time , any macro , user etc.