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⟩ Sample Payroll Management interview questions part 4

★ Describe the employment laws that affect your work?

★ Please tell us something about payroll tracking, reconciliation and reporting.

★ Please rate yourself on a scale of 1 to 10 on your data entry skills and general math and book keeping skills.

★ Are you willing to work overtime or off-shift during emergency or special situations like auditing, financial year-end etc?

★ What were the challenges you faced in payroll operations while following either company or government policies?

★ What kind of training and certification, do you have related to payroll?

★ Tell me about a time when you took disciplinary action against an employee. How did you decide what to do?

★ How do you monitor your department's productivity or performance as a Payroll Administrator? Give some examples.

★ What training or certification program have you gone through in this field?

★ Do you have adequate technical knowledge of the computer software programmes and applications that will be required in your work?


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