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⟩ Sample Payroll Management interview questions part 5

What do you know about the regulatory standards, policies and procedures of payroll?

What are methods that are used to manage Payroll?

How to maintain Payroll activities?

What are common risks for Payroll? And how to face?

Describe steps to manage Payroll?

How to measure performance of Payroll activities?

Describe your experience with the administration of electronic timekeeping.

Do you have experience of handling typical payroll issues raised by the employees? If yes, tell us about your strategy to deal with such a situation?

Explain your role with payroll administration. Discuss the nature of problems generally occurred during the payroll record submission?

What do you understand from employer's social security, compensation payments and payroll liabilities? Discuss the relationship between these three entities.

Tell us the formula for calculating provincial income and social security taxes.

How do you make sure that employee records are entered and accurately and on time?


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