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“Flexibility Interview Questions and Answers will teach us that how to behave Flexibility as we can while conducting an interview for a job, this Flexibility guide will set some directions for you to follow these and make a successful interview, so start learning Flexibility with the help of this Flexibility Interview Questions with Answers guide”

27 Flexibility Flexibility Questions And Answers

2⟩ Define dynamic flexibility?

Dynamic flexibility is the range of motion which is achieved by actively moving body segment using muscular action.

It is important for developing speed and power.


3⟩ Define the law of flexibility?

The law of flexibility says that the success is best achieved when you are clear about the goal but flexible about the process of getting there.


4⟩ Define leadership flexibility?

Flexibility leadership is a quality executed by the leaders who are self-aware, create personal guiding principles and are flexible in their leadership approaches. There are a set of leadership traits.


7⟩ Explain would you be willing to relocate if required?

You should be clear on this with your family prior to the interview if you think there is a chance it may come up. Do not say yes just to get the job if the real answer is no. This can create a lot of problems later on in your career. Be honest at this point and save yourself future grief.


10⟩ How can I keep my hips square if my back leg to turns out when I go into the front splits?

If you have developed the habit of going into the splits without being in correct alignment, the body becomes accustomed to that. When you try to change that and do it technically correct, it can feel uncomfortable. You may have had a tight back and hips to begin with, which may have lead to you cheating a bit, to feel like you are all the way down in the splits.


11⟩ Described the most important muscle or muscle groups or areas to stretch for increased flexibility?

ince everything is connected -- it's good to take the time to stretch the entire body and do it in the correct order. I like to start with upper body to get the energy going. Then work my way down, with each stretch gradually becoming more intense. Don't forget to stretch the calve, it will make it easier to stretch the hamstrings and low back. You want to get that whole line stretched.

Make sure you open up your outer hips (IT band) and stretch the waist to help the lower back to release. Don't forget the inner thighs, too, which is also a necessary area to prepare to perform the moves listed above in the question. Ankle weights are good to use once you are warmed up. This helps tire and strengthen the muscles to enable someone to increase their range of motion.


12⟩ What do you think about the continuous changes in company operating policies & procedures?

Company Policies & procedures are the boundary or like fence we have around our houses. You must stay within the boundary to be safe, and any breach in that boundary will cause you unknowingly.

The changes in the company policies must be in good will of a company and we must adhere with that. If you make your boundary stronger, the only reason is to protect your self better. Same way the tighter and tougher policy is to make work place safe and better.


13⟩ What time of day is best to stretch?

It always good to warm up and cool down before and after you train. For serious or professional dancers or athletes, six days a week of stretching is good with one or two rest days per week. The body needs time to process, heal and repair. As far as daily training in your sport, it helps to cross-train and work different muscle groups so the other muscles can repair. This helps one progress. Make sure you are stretching correctly with good form. Never force or bounce.


14⟩ How to know that I'm overdoing something?

If you are feeling constant fatigue, soreness and your body is not performing at its best. I recommend getting plenty of sleep and taking some rest days so the body can repair and store up energy. This will help tremendously. Also massage and going for a walk can help get rid of the lactic acid.


16⟩ How to recover flexibility after a hamstring injury?

It can be helpful to see a chiropractor that does the activator method. Do not stop training completely. Train around the injury with exercises that don't bother the leg, such as a stationary bike, swimming and stretching. This will keep you in shape and get blood circulating to the injured area. This can help one to come back even stronger. Don't do anything that causes the bad kind of pain. It also helps to visualize and see your body pain free and in top form.


17⟩ Should I stretch every day?

I feel everyone is different. For example some people are morning people and that time works best for them, but I peak in the early afternoon. Also it's important to pick a time that works with your schedule and commit to that as you would to brushing your teeth. Listen to your own body clock with regards to best time of day.


18⟩ What would you like to avoid in your job?

I would like to avoid being micro-managed. I know what I'm doing, and I know how to do it. The manager should just tell me what needs to be done, when it's needed, and the constraints. After that, just let me carry the ball and get out of my way.


19⟩ How Flexibility improves performance?

Flexibility at work means ready to change and accept changes in role. Change of role means exhibiting your versatility. It also mean one is proactive and assertive. Flexibility helps in tapping our own.