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27 Analytical Chemistry Questions And Answers

3⟩ What is deference between the working standard and reference standard?

Reference std is like USP,EP std , in this std we get COA

including results of Potency by HPLC , NMR & XRPD data.

whenever there is requirement of w.std preparation first we

have get API rawmaterial from warehouse & we check assay ,

water content or LOD & Related substances aganist reference

std . Some times we are doing analysis in duplicate & get

mean value.then we decide final assay or potency value &

it's validity one year


5⟩ What is quality controle?

quality control means to maintain the quality of product by

calculating their content ,different physical parameters,as

per their specification IP/BP/USP/EP/JP


7⟩ How to know HPLC column performance?

Check for the number of plates that it maintains stady all

over the run , check the SST at avery run that cpmplies the

acceptance criterias of the method.


8⟩ What is rs test why we are perfoming rs test?

RS stands for related substance, means by-products upon

completion of reaction, or the unreacted portion present in

the product. RS testing help us to identify the adequate

quantitiy of these by-products or unreacted part.

More over RS help us during the stability study to know any

significant change in the nature of product during long

storage in various climatic conditions


9⟩ How to establish relative response factor for hplc.why it is required?

Actually RRF establishment required For Relatives Substances

Why because in Rs Sample having so many components like impurities,Degradents and main Analytes all components does not have same wavelength but we are fix one particular wavelength for all peaks. so inthat wavelength some peak response high and some peak response that reason only we are established RRF and impurities also expensive so every time we can't once established the RRF that factor used for RS calculation