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⟩ Role-specific Creative Director Job Interview Questions

☛ Tell us about some brands you admire. What makes them stand out?

☛ You’re working with an established brand. How do you develop a solid understanding of what it is and where it’s going?

☛ You’re developing a brand for a new product. Where do you start?

☛ What’s been the biggest creative challenge in your career to date?

☛ What challenges have you faced in brand development? How did you overcome them?

☛ Everyone needs time out. What creative work do you do in your own time?

☛ Tell us about your current/previous team. What are your team members’ roles and how do they work together?

☛ How do you give constructive feedback to your team?

☛ Describe a time you received negative feedback from your team. How did you handle it?

☛ Describe a time you reduced work scope based on what your team could realistically accomplish?

☛ How do you develop the skills of your team members?

☛ How do you keep the team motivated in the face of tight deadlines?

☛ What tools, books, or ideas help you in your day-to-day work?

☛ How do you keep up with the latest creative tools and technologies?

☛ Tell us about a time you had to introduce new technology to your team

☛ Your most important client hates your latest work. What do you do?

☛ At your current/previous job, how do you stay updated on consumer feedback, and what do you do with this information?

☛ How influenced are you by current trends?

☛ How does your current/previous team handle analytics and reporting?

☛ Is it ever appropriate for design to overrule data? Why?


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