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“Payroll Specialist Frequently Asked Questions in various Payroll Specialist job interviews by interviewer. The set of questions are here to ensures that you offer a perfect answer posed to you. So get preparation for your new job interview”

64 Payroll Specialist Questions And Answers

1⟩ Tell us what all detail must be checked before vouching of wages?

Before vouching of wages, following details are considered.

☛ Checking Of Internal System

☛ Checking for proper Calculations

☛ Checking Of Wages Sheet

☛ Verifying computing Paying System

☛ Nature Of Payment

☛ Same Cash Paid And Drawn

☛ Checking Of Names

☛ Checking for authorized Signature

☛ Unpaid Wages

☛ Deductions


7⟩ Explain me how do you deal with employees who do not report time records to the payroll staff before a deadline?

I have trained the payroll staff to handle time-dependent problems on their own by performing strict follow up duties. However, there are times when employees just do not comply. When I have to intervene, I become direct with the employee and usually send out an email, very politely outlining repercussions of not reporting time records in a timely fashion.


8⟩ Tell me what is Payroll source documents?

Payroll source documents are those documents which gives all the details required for the generation of the salary of an employee. It includes,

☛ Time sheets

☛ Job sheets

☛ Time recorders

☛ Payroll registers

☛ Pay-in-slip (pay slip)


11⟩ Explain me your work week?

This query will describe about your work schedule in detail. For the candidate it is must to not to answer the non work related activities while being in the company. This will create a bad impression. Before answering such a question, make sure you consider the position for which you are applying and also relate your last job position. The more you connect with the last job experience, the more successful you will be in answering the questions.


13⟩ Tell me when to Outsource Payroll?

Payroll should be outsourced when,

☛ A small company where the owner does payroll.

☛ You don’t come across last minute changes that frequently

☛ You don’t want to invest in in-house system and infrastructure

☛ You have to pay at multiple locations


16⟩ While payroll is pretty much the same from company to company, each firm tends to have its own quirks and ways of doing things that are a bit different from every other company. Describe how you would familiarize yourself with our particular system?

This question shows you how much initiative a candidate may have and shows you how a candidate solves problems – intuitively, asking questions, diving right in and making mistakes (and then learning from them), and so on.


17⟩ Tell me what all functions are involved in Payroll?

Functions involved in Payroll involves,

☛ Balancing and reconciling payroll data

☛ Delivers payroll checks

☛ Depositing and reporting taxes

☛ Wage deductions

☛ Record keeping and verifying the reliability of pay data

☛ Maintains compliance with tax laws

☛ Records paperwork for new hires

☛ Edits existing employee files.

☛ Calculating reimbursements, bonuses, overtime and holiday pay


18⟩ Tell me what you need to do in order to pay a new employee?

In order to pay new employee,

☛ Fill employee Information form, bank confirmation slip and get your employee to complete a tax form.

☛ Send all forms to Payroll department at least three working days before your employee’s first timesheet is due to be sent for payment.