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“Exit Interview Questions and Answers will guide us that Companies have exit interviews to determine why an employee is leaving the company. So learn how to deal with Exit Interview questions with the help of this Exit Interview Questions with Answers guide”

27 Exit Questions And Answers

2⟩ What aspect of the job you liked most?

You can express comfortably on this question as many of us have some positive aspect of the work place if there is nothing like that feel free to express about that.


3⟩ Is there anything we can do about it? Will you change plans?

When your employer asks you this question it is imperative that he wants you to sit and discuss some issues concerned with your employment. If the employer can help you then it is up to you to take the next stage of decision. Changing plans depend upon you and your thought process.


7⟩ You have all the rights to decline an exit interview which many of the reputed companies do respect it.

But there might be a situation where declining an exit interview will have a bad effect on your profile because statements such as “will not rehire again” etc will be present. This notation might be revealed during a background check.

Make sure that you think and answer questions posted by the interviewer.


8⟩ Some of the point you need to keep in mind before an exit interview are as follows they are -

1) Is there any benefit by attending an exit interview

2) Do you need to sign notes, or give official conformation, is it anonymous, will they really develop according to your suggestions, will it have negative effect on your background check, will you sue your former employer and most importantly why didn’t they take your opinion when you were their employer.


9⟩ How to end a job interview?

As you finish an interview, you have one last chance to sell the interviewer on your skills and get the information you need in order to follow up. Experts offer these tips for successfully closing an interview:

★ Don't Leave Empty Handed

★ Know the Next Steps

★ Lay the Groundwork for a Follow-Up

★ Close the Sale

★ Remember the Details


12⟩ Did you feel that work you were doing aligned with your personal goals and interests?

Employees should always feel like they're developing new skills and working in an area that they're passionate about. A majority - 70 percent -of employees feel disengaged, and when they're disengaged, they're more likely to leave. While the job tasks won't change, HR can integrate questions about personal goals and hobbies into the hiring process.


13⟩ Tell me was there any particular thing or event that triggered your decision to leave?

If there's a particular reason for you to leave your current job, you can say something like:

In last some months, I had been handling a lot of responsibilities. I tried to extend myself to do justice with all of them. Some of the tasks were actually exhaustive and I had asked for more support in terms of resources and better planning from the management but somehow it could not work out.


18⟩ Explain about the least satisfying aspect of the job?

This question asks you to explain about the least satisfying aspect of the job in the workplace. Dissatisfaction can be during your project, lower position and pay for your capabilities, promotion, bossing, benefits, work load, etc. Make sure you state a honest reply because it can make you and your employer happy.